Extreme Dominance and Owning it Like a BOSS

I’ve been focusing so much energy on these vids lately.  After the rant vBlog, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to surpass it’s awesomeness.


I think I did it folks.

I’ve been working hard on developing an eye for color.  Spending lots of time reading up on proper color grading, as well as trying to incorporate more of an overall flow to the pieces.

But before we get to the vid, a quick update on my schedule…

October 25, 2012: Sydney, Australia (7pm-9pm)
November 1, 2012: Brisbane, Australia (7pm-9pm)
November 8, 2012: Melbourne, Australia (7pm-9pm)
November 22, 2012: Perth, Australia (7pm-9pm)
November 29, 2012: Auckland, New Zealand (7pm-9pm)
December 13, 2012: Tokyo, Japan (7pm-9pm)

October 26-28, 2012: Sydney, Australia (FULL)
November 2-4, 2012: Brisbane, Australia (FULL)
November 9-11, 2012: Melbourne, Australia (ONE SPOT LEFT)
November 16-18, 2012: Sydney, Australia (ONE SPOT LEFT)
November 23-25, 2012: Perth, Australia
November 30-December 2, 2012: Auckland, New Zealand
December 14-16, 2012: Tokyo, Japan

Alright!!!  Enjoy!!!!!!

I had a lot of guys ask about the song in the youTube comments, so I figured I’d just throw the full track up here as the song of the week.

Also, if you noticed…  I’m throwing the vids up on the blog before RSDN nowadays, gotta give love to you for always coming to my site and checking things out.  :)

See ya next week!

28 replies
  1. Rodrigo
    Rodrigo says:

    hey brad, your blog is the shit! Since I’ve been reading it I gave up drinking and fixed physical game problems, and as result my game is fuckin high! Thanks very much.

    Tip: maybe you could write an article (or do a video) about balancing your journey in pick up with others journeys. You see, game is so much fun that I’ve been losing interest in other areas in my life, specially law. I don’t know if I was clear, but I hope I could give you some ideas.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. VidarM
    VidarM says:

    Hey man! Awesome stuff.
    If you’re going to Tokyo anytime soon (ref your schedule), make sure you bring (and eat) Iodine. The radioactivity levels in Japan is no joke, google it if you want to get some facts on it. Iodine will help you neutralize it to some degree, or at least be a great help your lymphatic system in handling the stuff.
    // V.

  3. Karl
    Karl says:

    Really nice clip man! Looks really professional and your way of delivering your message is really tight, big ups!

    It would be awesome if you could expand more on the topic of things to do that make you more centered and grounded in yourself, as you express it.

    I am trying to establish some good daily habits to help me get towards my goals of getting better with girls, better social skills in general and more confidence. For example reading every day, working out on specific days, good studying routines and hanging out with people a lot. Seems like an upwards spiral when everything is well balanced but it is easy to get of track sometimes.

    Take care!

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      I only add 1-2 new habits on a month, and then keep building my repertoire of skills. Figure out what you want the most and create habits around that. It takes time, but as you gain more momentum, it becomes much easier.

  4. ElGasse7
    ElGasse7 says:

    thank you very much brad!
    but i wanna ask you a question,sometimes i fall in agressiveness and get furious/angry each time someone looks at me or tries to get his nose in my shit…..

    how do you deal with guys who try to enterupt an interaction/approach for example…and how can I deal with and angry boyfriend for example without getting into a fight(which I don’t mind)
    thx a lot

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      I’m totally unreactive in these situations. These guys don’t have enough value for me to even acknowledge their presence. IGNORE in these situations.

  5. Phisker
    Phisker says:

    Wow, you’re video editing skills have improved heaps over your last couple of videos, it’s especially noticeable in this one. DOMINANCE!

  6. CharlieT
    CharlieT says:

    Hey Brad,

    Just wanted to congratulate you on the quality of that vid. I mean the content was great but the camera work and overall presentation was a big step up from what you and the other RSD guys have been putting up the past couple of years so it’s obvious you must have put a lot of work in. Big props!

  7. Mountaineer-
    Mountaineer- says:

    wow, just awesome!

    i’m curious how much time it took (from selecting the scenes, recording to editing) to get the job done

    Greetings to Matt

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      About 5-6 hours of filming while site seeing, 1-2 hours planning the set up, and 6-8 hours of editing. I’m still learning a bunch so this should get cut down dramatically as I do more vids.

  8. Ivan Iliev
    Ivan Iliev says:

    Hi Brad,

    I have a simple question.
    What do you think about being high on cocaine in the club; you know like owning it like a boss and approaching women with this extreme confidence ?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    Holy shit man your videos are getting fuckin’ tighter and delivery style improving ten fold! Like a previous post from CharlieT said, it’s a big step up from the other rsd guys.


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