I am a Delusional Workaholic

Alright, so this is another one of those “half in jest/half shine a light on your foibles” type of posts.

I’ve always followed the 5 Friends Rule, and I’m constantly surrounded by super successful people. It definitely pushes me to reach my potential, yet at the same time, I’m always the least financially well off compared to everyone I hang out with.

Haha, I guess I have other areas of expertise to offer, but it annoys me at times. I know I’m intelligent enough to be as successful as any other dude out there, offer more value, resulting in more money, and I work my damn ass off!

Or do I?

I feel like I’m constantly busy, with never any free time, and I’m always trying to stay productive.

Hit the gym, reading books, and making sure to keep on top of all the latest instructor articles and…

Oh, hold on a second. I’m pretty sure most of you guys do that to. AND HAVE REAL JOBS.

It’s a weird by product of the extreme self love mindset, in that in most situations, this mindset is highly beneficial, but when it comes down to pragmatism and getting shit done, I can see how it’s gotten in MY way, as well as distorted many guys perspective of what they’ve actually accomplished in life.

Shining the mirror on myself, I FEEL like I’m always working hard, but when opportunities come up to move in other career directions, usually involving heading back into the 9-to-5 world, or moving to Nebraska for a few years, even though I’ve had opportunities to TRIPLE my yearly income, I don’t even think twice about turning them down.

I love this job too much. And the lifestyle I live, the ability to constantly be growing and move towards the things I’m inspired about is worth more than almost any price.

Well, they say one of the main reasons new business owners fail is because they start a business THEY WANT TO, as opposed to looking for a competitive advantage in the market place, or a specific need that a potential customer needs.

When you do what you LOVE, don’t expect to make serious cash doing it. That’s why teachers, or personal trainers aren’t rolling in the big leagues, because everyone wants to do it, so they’re willing to work at a discount.

Time to Shine the Light On YOU!

That’s just my weird delusional life, yet I see this all the time. Especially with guys that run their own businesses, and think they are working all day every day.

Is trolling forums/blogs really that productive? Sure, I can spread my brand by answering a few questions, but I’d probably accomplish more working on my email autoresponder, and sending an email off to hundreds of subscribers, compared to the 30 guys that will see that thread.

Or scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook to “see what the competitors are up to,” instead of finally fixing that opt in box at the bottom of every post for Chrome users. Yeah, finally fixed that one dudes! (Please hit me up if you see any other problems that need fixing on the site.)

I’ve noticed how easy it is to rationalize low priority tasks into relevant and “important job related” tasks, and when I let this organically happen, I never get around to the really important, bang for your buck activities that are going to impact the bottom line.

So I’m starting to track EVERYTHING I do in a day, from when I take a shower, to how long it takes me to cook lunch. See where this time really goes.

I’ve only started this week, so it will be interesting to see where the majority of my free time actually goes, and how I’m delusionally thinking certain activities are “productive.”

Then the next goal is to create a to do list each day, and prioritizing, not on what I’m inspired to do, but first what NEEDS to be done to get the ball rolling for bigger, more long term projects.

Where in your life are you hiding behind rationalizations where you think you are productive, but in actuality, you’re just putting off the real important things?

Would you benefit from getting dirty in the details and actually writing down your activities minute to minute and see where your time is spent?

You might find ways to drastically increase your productivity. Or finally start that project always on the back burner. It could be related to work, it could be your diet, or it could be that you “need to get your finances handled before you start hitting up girls hard,” it’s all a comfort zone thing from another angle, and usually when you put it to paper, it puts things in perspective.


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  1. Rad
    Rad says:

    Isn’t that a limiting belief that you can’t do what you love and still make lots of money at the same time? and another random question, since you mentioned the opt-in box not working for Chrome users. For most blogs it’s pretty standard to allow people commenting on the blog article to also leave the url to their own website. Why isn’t that enabled on this blog? I’m not writing this to be mean, I am just trying to be honest here.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Yeah, it’s something in the theme for overriding the links, and I just never figured out how to change it, and like being a link whore. :) As for the limiting belief aspect, I definitely think you CAN do what you love and make lots of money, but you have to figure out how to do it in a way that differentiates you from the rest, and truly offer the type of value to be rewarded for your efforts…

  2. Josh
    Josh says:

    Hahaha Brad thanks for the articles each week. They always have some nugget of wisdom in them. I was out at a restaurant with my family last week and totally skipped the bread basket! I also love the anti booze revolution movement and have been participating in that when I go out. Not to mention the minimal carbs diet lol you’re just a plethora of value. Keep up the good work…as soon as I have the cash I want to take a program with you.

  3. Andre
    Andre says:

    Look into the author, Larry Winget. Two awesome books by him are, “It’s Called Work For A Reason” and “You’re Broke Cause You Want To Be.” I used to be insanely anal, and still am about tasks and priorities until I finally took a step back and reassessed my execution tactics. My inability to execute well is what ate up most of my time. Kinda like being in the club being a chode instead of going out in a full out romp!

    FYI, check out Tim Ferris’ article he spit out today. There’s another sweet solution for residual income. I’m already on it :)

  4. Bigfoot
    Bigfoot says:

    Something really weird I have noticed.

    I almost always get super productive after taking a shower.

    On days where I just don’t take a shower I usually don’t get much done. I just lay around watching Netflix and Dragonball Z videos.

    But after a fresh shower, I’m quite productive.

  5. Bill Rey
    Bill Rey says:

    Hey Brad-
    Always enjoy you’re posts.
    Would be interested in hearing how the initial stages of you transitioning to the No Drinking when going to the club worked out for you.
    Was it business as usual, or did it take sometime to adjust by having to consciously bring more energy without relying on the sauce?

  6. Alexander
    Alexander says:

    How do you stop yourself becoming an asshole with people worshipping you? I thought as the saying goes absolute power corrupts


    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Absolute power corrupts weak-minded individuals. I don’t rely on external feedback to validate myself. Sure, I appreciate when someone compliments me, but I don’t value that compliment above how much I already value my own self. It is the same when someone says my writing sucks or the video I posted blows. I don’t identify with that either. I know I am putting out my best effort, and some people will love it, but others will not. People become an asshole when they get too much attention when they rely on that attention to validate themselves.

  7. VD
    VD says:

    Yeah, this is very important. I’m aware of this constantly. Moving forward sometimes involves very high risks, it is easy to get caught up in the waiting for a more safe start.

  8. Hotdog
    Hotdog says:

    lol, This is exactly my mind state right now. Every moment of every day is scheduled in outlook, running, breakfast, shower, meditation, sourcing new clients, web project, lunch etc etc :)

    Its amazing how all those problems with ‘game’ can be solved by just living a productive life to the standards you are proud of. All the outer game stuff is really simple and can be fixed in a weekend when you are making life progress.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Nice! Once you establish a healthy rhythm, it becomes an unconscious habit to work hard and make new accomplishments.

  9. Mountaineer
    Mountaineer says:

    yeah, i find myself in this situation every now and then. too busy doing things that are not really contributing to my overall progress.

    thx for reminding me about it!

  10. Bigfoot
    Bigfoot says:

    How’d the latest Google Update hit your Adsense sites?

    One of mine dropped quite significantly but it was something I had given up on anyways. No effect on the others(One of em went from no.11 to no. 8 but I did do some recent linkbuilding.)

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      It didn’t hurt much, just giving me more incentive to focus on my own product development instead of relying on keeping Google happy for income. ;)


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