Live the High Fidelity Life: Mind Excellence

Hyper calibration…


Actually let’s go with UBER-calibration…


Life calibration…

Walking through the world with ease.

Excellence in everything you do.

I call it living the HIGH FIDELITY LIFE.

Hyper Calibration

There is nothing I enjoy more than a nice hot shower.

I jump out, enter the living room to find Tyler, Hunter, and J-Life chatting about who-knows-what.

They look over, and I bat the hair out of my face.

Tyler just laughs.

“DUDE!  Everything you do is like HYPER-calibrated!”

It’s all unconscious.

Everything from the way I comb my hair with my hand, to how I walk, to my facial mannerisms…

I say it’s unconscious, yet, I think a better explanation would be “semi-conscious auto pilot.”

Everything is thought out, planned out.


Not in a hyper-calculated, all thought engrossing way.  But more like a Zen, mindful, full presence.

I’ve always prided myself on this aspect of self actualization…



It’s not the Zen fluffy mindfulness.

It’s mind-excellence.

Be great.


Some of my aspirations:

Be the best at Mariokart.
Have the most Twitter followers.
Grow my blog faster and make it more popular than any in the industry.
Have better mentors than anyone else.
Have a better fashion sense than anyone else.
Have better hair than anyone else.
Dance better than anyone else.
Have a better laugh than anyone else.
Lift weights with better form than anyone else.
Have a better taste in music than anyone else.

I’ll stop before I sound like a complete arrogant asshole, but:

Be the best in everything you do!!!!!!




If you are an avid reader of the blog, you might remember this article:

Is Your Goal to Become the Best?  Try again!

This isn’t a change in theory.

This is not about how you stack up to the next guy.  Becoming the best is a BY-PRODUCT of a certain state of mind.

This is about pushing yourself to the limit.

YOUR personal best.


At the edge of your abilities.

Further than you ever thought possible.

Beyond your friends, beyond your family, beyond your mentors.

Striving for excellence.

Not just in big goals, financial, relationship, or health related.

I’m talking everything from the way you make eye contact with people, to how you fold your napkin.

But first, let’s deal with the bigger issues…


Why Most People FAIL at Life

To excel in any area of your life requires a great deal of passion, fully immersing yourself in the learning process.

But passion requires stepping up.

Stepping up requires taking a risk.

Taking a risk leads to mistakes and looking like a douche.

But mistakes are a necessary part of the trial and error process that leads to mastery and excellence.

There is an obvious reason winners keep winning,

Why the top 20% control the 80% majority of anything in life.

Winning begets winning.

Losers never start.

But why do winners keep winning?


Winners Have Won Before and Know the Process of Mastering Specific Skills

My first exposure to learning a specific skill, and the long road to mastery, happened at a pretty early age.

For whatever reason, when I was in 3rd grade, I decided on my own volition to play the piano.

I think it was because I thought it would get me girls.  :)

Anyway, I was also good at math, and the logicality of the piano integrated well with my analytical nerdiness, and I excelled.

I have played for over 15 years now, mostly jazz cocktail style, but some classical, and even taking a semester off of university to travel around Colorado touring with a blues band.

I spent countless hours in practice rooms doing repetitive scales, never ending band rehearsals, and actively listening to the best musicians, immersing myself in the music, developing both a high level of dexterity and understanding of music theory.

Through this process, I subconsciously learned how important PASSION and IMMERSION are on the journey towards mastery.

Masters don’t dabble.

The same way you build a successful business is the same method of successful entrepreneurs.

It was only recently that I realized I have applied this same long term learning process over and over again.

Whether it be in as mundane a skill as efficiently packing my suitcase, or something more complex like creating a successful business, each time I used a similar process.

And with each new success, came a higher level of confidence.

I slowly started to feel that I could master ANYTHING.

This blanket confidence has become ubiquitous in EVERY ACTION I TAKE IN LIFE.

What are the qualities that lead to this mastery and excellence?


Taking Responsibility

People are quick to pass blame.

You must take responsibility.

It takes a higher level of consciousness to stop living your life in reaction to the environment, and start taking control of the reigns.

If something goes wrong, take a step back and objectively try to see what you could have done differently to change the outcome.

Don’t pass blame on others.

Don’t pass blame on the environment.

Don’t pass off the responsibility and blame it on being sick, or that you were tired.

Objectively look at your situation or experience, and determine how you could change the result for the better next time.


Not win-lose.

But even more so of true mastery, even if you win, take a step back and see how you could improve.


Trust in the Process

What creates the ability to not develop emotional frustration and passing off the responsibility onto your environment as you drudge through the long road towards mastery?

Its knowing that if you just stick at it, be patient, and keep moving forward, success is inevitable.

This is why the winners keep winning.

They have specific reference points of winning in their past, and know the long process it takes to get there.

They know that road blocks arise along the way, and those exact hurdles are what create excellence, create mastery.

It’s the ability to push through the bullshit.

Jeffy uses the analogy of a master airline pilot…

The rookie pilot hits some turbulence, freaks out, and starts grabbing dials and pulling gears.

But when the seasoned veteran encounters turbulence, he calmly dials in an altitude change, radios air traffic control, and smoothly stabilizes the plane, all while explaining the situation in a cool-relaxed manner to the passengers in back.

If you haven’t experienced the ups and downs of mastering a long term skill, the second things go awry the mind starts chattering about how you are wasting your time, how XYZ is impossible, how you’ll never be successful.


Success barriers.

They reside here.

Dwelling on these thoughts give them power.

There is no place for self doubt in mind-excellence.


Success With Women

I’ve been hitting the social media front hard and interacting with a lot of gurus in the “success with girls” industry.

I heard something funny in a speech recently, the “Guru” said something to the effect of:

“Guys try all these techniques and shit, all you have to do is realize that YOU DESERVE THE GIRL!”

Although I do agree with this, after the speech some guy in the audience sheepishly raised his hand and asked:

“But what if you don’t feel like you deserve the girl?”

Aaaaahhh… there it is!

Sitting outside the positive feedback loop.

If you are talking to a girl that’s more attractive than you are used to, doubts are an ever present part of your day to day existence.

“Is this going to work?”

“Am I ever going to get good at this?”

“What do I say?”

“Does she like me?”

“Am I weird?”

“Is now the right time to approach her?”

“Am I dressed right?”

“Is this the right way to stand?”

Realize that these DOUBTS are the only thing that actually hold you back.

The glass wall.

Think back to high school, the difference between the cool guys in school and the guys that try to be cool, is that when you stop trying, that is when you become cool.

In spiritual circles they call it the gateless gate.

When you stop striving for enlightenment, that’s when you become enlightened.

You work so hard to become “enlightened,” or more accurately, a higher level of consciousness, that once you cross through, you turn back and realize that there never was a gate to begin with.

It was all delusional thoughts and ego attachments that you artificially put in front of yourself.


If you don’t have the confidence yet, let’s give some actionable steps to start the process…


Whenever You Have SELF DOUBT
And Replace it With SELF LOVE

That’s it really.

As you get more success in life, one of the biggest changes is how quickly you cut out negative thought patterns.

They don’t even become patterns, before the thought fully arises, you’ve already shunted it, and turned it on it’s head.

No more “what’s wrong with …?”

It becomes…

Why am I awesome?

Why is this moment awesome?

You see how this takes the situation back under your control?

There is no blame on the outside environment, no emotions getting in the way.

It’s an action based, conscious decision you make to stop dwelling on the bullshit, and strive towards excellence.

Remove the doubts, remove the fear, live passionately, and EXCEL.


Back to Mind-Excellence

I like that term.  Mind excellence.  Mmm…

It’s excellence in everything you do.

It’s mindfulness down to the finest detail.

What you order for dinner.

HOW you order it, and talk to the staff.

Word choice.


How you fold your napkin, how you WALK TO THE BATHROOM.

How you develop your business.

How you step to that girl with 100% conviction.

Having the confidence that you know EVERYTHING YOU DO IS AWESOME.


Why not?!

Doubt = weakness



I’ll end here with a few caveats…

Remember excellence is not an end goal.

It’s a work in progress.

Removing self doubt, being mindful of your actions, and doing them with 100% conviction is not an excuse to stubbornly ignore your environment.

It’s the exact opposite.

It is paying hyper attention to your surroundings, finding what works, what doesn’t, and doing it BETTER than anyone else.

How do you know what better is?


Trial and error, watch how people respond.

How does it feel to you?



Weigh all the factors, and slowly move towards full confidence in what you do.

I call the process “petrified wood.”

As you move through life and gain more experience, nothing really changes.  But the trust in your actions and mannerisms grows stronger and more confident.


High Fidelity is not Fake

As I read this, people who have not met me in person might think that every action I take would appear contrived, like I’m acting, or fake.

It’s not that at all.

It’s using the cumulative data of arduous introspection, advice from mentors, books, tests, experiments, and life experience…


How about one last example…

You’re reading it.

100 replies
  1. The Duck -
    The Duck - says:

    I like that term. Mind excellence. Mmm…

    “It’s excellence in everything you do.

    It’s mindfulness down to the finest detail.

    What you order for dinner.

    HOW you order it, and talk to the staff.

    Word choice.


    How you fold your napkin, how you WALK TO THE BATHROOM.

    How you develop your business.

    How you step to that girl with 100% conviction.

    Having the confidence that you know EVERYTHING YOU DO IS AWESOME.”

    – Word to my momma’s momma. So on point.

  2. Andy Haze
    Andy Haze says:

    Great article. It’s funny how things are beginning to resonate with me when before it may not have totally registered. It’s interesting how as your paradigm shifts different things begin to light up on your RAS.

    Even how certain concepts resonate with you changes. Take how you strive for excellence in everything you do even up to folding a napkin.

    A newb will take this and literally start micromanaging everything they do in a constant reactionary spiral of, “Ok, is this cool? Do I come across alpha? Is this good body language?” Which of course completely messes them up even more since it keeps reinforcing a reactionary state as well as a state of “I’m not good enough yet.”

    I know I had this problem early on and it took my a while to get over and to really learn to accept myself. However, eventually everything comes full circle and I realize that the place where this is coming from isn’t from some external perception of what’s cool but your own standards of what you want for yourself. It’s more than anything a challenge you put forth on yourself to be the best you can be at everything you do. Most importantly it’s not coming from a place of lack but from a place of wanting to enrich yourself.

    Anyways, it’s always nice to read this stuff to see myself coming into more alignment with the best. Good gauge to see where I’m at.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Cool, it seems like you’ve been on a nice run lately, developing quick… Glad to see the progress and that my material is helping…

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Haha! Nope. I personally moderate all the comments, so sometimes they don’t register right away.

  3. Synergist
    Synergist says:

    Fantastic. I’m going through some non-game issues right now and this hits home with those issues as much as with game. I remember you telling me about the gateless gate on program in rock and roll McDonalds while Owen did a play-by-play on whether or not I was unstifled as you were going through it, haha… nice to have a more complete breakdown here. Great stuff.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Yeah, there was some good stuff on that McDs debrief sesssion. A couple new concepts that both Owen and I have been teaching started to develop around then.

  4. SriLankaEddie
    SriLankaEddie says:

    WHOA!!! Mind blown to shit, once again!!! You have once again upgraded the quality of your posts (which is exactly what you are talking about in this article)…but seriously you are upgrading the quality of your posts at an exceedingly fast rate…well done sir…well done!!!…i need to get my shit together ASAP because we have some collaborative co-creation to do…i need to step up my lifestyle right quick…i see our paths crossing soon…it is inevitable…but as of right now you are on another level and i need some catching up to do…GOD DAMN BRADLEY you’ve inspired me once again…big things in the work man…future looks great…and put out some PROGRAM or some shit…i want to financially support you on your path…you have the potential to shift the world into a whole new paradigm…a whole new way of living…we’ve got a lot of work to do kid….LEGGGOOOO

  5. Distressed
    Distressed says:

    Hi Brad

    I like how your passion for life exhibits itself in your writing, your goals, your thought processes. It must be awesome living in your headspace.

    Anyway I have two questions and I hope you’d take your time out from your busy schedule to respond.

    How does one kickstart passion for life, especially if one is in an extended slump?

    My next question pertains to attaining mind excellenc. How does one eliminate self-doubt and fear, especially if the fear is erroneous and or irrelevant?

    I for example think i have this neurosis in which basically i tell myself that i can’t be a true man unless i learn to take physical pain, and pull out a tooth without anaesthetic or something along those lines. Weird right, but I feel like a coward because of it. Perhaps it has come from watching too many historical films like Braveheart and the Passion of Christ. I feel I can never match their feats and call mysef a true man.

    Do we ignore such ‘fears’ on the basis that they are unproductive and irrelevant to this modern day and age? Or is it something we have to conquer via achievement? Don’t fear to speak truthfully, I am a coward at heart and have never dared to resort to self-harm before.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Positivity is a choice. You just start doing it, and slowly build new neural pathways which make you start thinking positive more quickly in the future.

      Just make that decision, and start training your mind. It will take time.

      This is the same will power training to be a man of action, or to persevere through the bullshit, or to realize that you don’t need pain or scarcity or anything to move forward.

      It’s all delusional thought processes, only give power to the ones that move you forward.

  6. Rick
    Rick says:

    Yep, this is what it’s all about.

    Amazing article that I will be coming back to frequently, BOOKMARKED.

  7. pringles
    pringles says:

    HAHAHAHA…i know everyone writes this sort of shit…..but i actually just wrote something that was on this topic

    It distubes me how similar people who are on the right path think.

    • Molan
      Molan says:

      This is so damn true:

      “As you move through life and gain more experience, nothing really changes. But the trust in your actions and mannerisms grows stronger and more confident.”

      life stay the same …all the major changes are internal

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Ya, it felt similar to the self love article as I wrote it, and I think it will have a similar impact long term.


  8. VidarM
    VidarM says:

    This. article. might. just. change. my. life.
    If I let it, and if i dare.
    I don’t even have any questions.
    Just noticed the box to check if I get any replies! LOVE it

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Haha, glad you enjoyed it.

      And ya, that subscribe via email function has been there for a few months now. ;P

      I’ll hit you up soon about scandinavia

  9. Steve
    Steve says:

    This is TIGHT, Brad. It’s almost like one of those all-encompassing articles that very indirectly teach you all you need to know to be great.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Haha, yep I did hear it from Jed first. It is much older than that tho. I think it’s an old Buddha line…

  10. Michael Cherry
    Michael Cherry says:

    Oooo I like this one, actually felt the energy within the writing. Almost like you’ve stumbled upon something awesome and you cant wait to unleash it onto the community.

    Reading this gave me a strong sense of “i’m awesome, nothing really matters.. happiness is a choice”..

    Really what I needed at this point. Thanks mate.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Cool that you noticed that. I was definitely in a very “inspired” headspace as I wrote the article.

      The music track went along well too, so I just through it on repeat…

  11. Michael
    Michael says:

    This is crazy!!, I don’t think you’ll ever know how much of an impact this stuff has on people, this type of shit changes peoples lives, including mine. Thanks man, will definitely continue to visit your blog and support the different stuff you put out. Keep it up!

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Thanks man, it means a lot.

      I’ll be interested to see where things go from here, what the next level of epiphanies and paradigms are, and how they’ll play out in the teaching process.

      Again, glad you all are getting something out of these articles…

      • Michael
        Michael says:

        And as I was reading this I just keep thinking of the different principals your talking about having a spiritual context. I’m most familiar with christian beliefs so I’m not sure of the others but I know theres bible verses like Proverbs 23:7 (KJV) and 2 Corinthians 2:10 (KJV) that tie into what your saying. Like controlling every thought and making a conscious effort to better your self starting internally.

        Its just a very interesting topic because I feel like this is not just talking about women anymore which is very surface layer, but the very core of being happy in life and succeeding.

  12. Shahed
    Shahed says:

    This is one of my all-time favorites.
    Hahaa…. you are well on your way to fulfilling your life goal of becoming the Dos Equis dude :)
    Hope all is well!!

  13. VD
    VD says:

    Beautiful man.

    Something hit you this time or you were on LSD.

    It’s like watching a car you really like. Somehow you know the design of that car is the expression of your own inner vision and that’s why you like the car and identify yourself with it.

    You nailed that design and proved your point within the way the article itself was written.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Sweet, again that’s cool that you guys noticed this. I was very present, enthusiastic and inspired as I wrote the article, and I hope I’ll be able to consistently bring this feeling out in future posts.

  14. Miles
    Miles says:

    1. Awesome article
    2. If you are supposed to consciously strive to be the best in everything that you do how doesn’t this conflict with the glass wall reference that you made later in the article because you are still trying to do something and not actually doing
    3. Does this mindset become unconscious after a while?

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      2. The glass wall is in reference to how you view yourself compared to others. You stop comparing yourself all together, and just strive for your personal best.
      3. It is very much unconscious. It’s similar to if you aren’t used to thinking postiively, at first, it is hard, the negative thoughts come up, and you have to conscious stop them.

      Then over time, you automatically view the positive as opposed to the negative.

  15. Martin Crowe
    Martin Crowe says:

    Got a lot out of this – I’m at the stage now where a consistently positive mindset is everything. Thanks.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      It’s always the right stage to start cultivating a positive mindset. I’ve said it before, but I think the positive reframe is the secret to happiness in life.

  16. Nick
    Nick says:

    Hey Dude,

    I haven’t see intent described like this anywhere else.

    The way you breakdown the stream of intent underpinning all of the actions you take makes this a lot clearer.

    It helps me understand intent vs freedom from outcome articles too, I normally interpret intent as just being horny.

    This expands it out, its more holistic.


  17. Dustin
    Dustin says:

    Wow! I really like this article Brad. When I was reading it, I immediately decided to take action and fixed my posture. Sick I idea; Just be the best at everything you do! Haha, it really makes choices much simpler!

  18. beasy
    beasy says:

    I have a feeling you have seen The Secret and The Qauntum Activist. I really have been getting into quantum physics lately and I think its crazy how related all that is to success and mental excellence. At the same time its further explaining the entire universe!

    On becoming excellent at everything you do. How can you immerse yourself but still live? As The qauntum activist says, “its not really do do do be be be, its more like do be do be do”. you cant take to long of breaks in between doing things or you will lose motivation/momentum. I think the reverse is also true tho, if your constantly doing, you kind of shoot of into crazy land. Brian wilson style.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      I’ve seen the first half of the secret, but didn’t really like how mainstream it was made out to be, but I really like the Abraham Hicks books which the show is based off of. Never heard of the quantum activist…

      I’ll check it out.

  19. DiHoR
    DiHoR says:

    Saw you in the vid on RSD nation Tyler posted from South Beach. The one where Jeff keeps stealing his food while he calls for you.
    Then you come from behind, the Don Rising and I’m like “What The FUCK?! Is it just me or Brad is super-cool now??!”

    It seems you really went to the next level and this Article explains it point by point.


    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Haha, Tyler said that right after he said the thing above about me being hyper calibrated.

      He was like “Dude, you used to be like the normal RSD instructor, now I think you such a caricature of yourself, you might be the funniest of all of us!”

      Can’t complain. ;)

  20. Will
    Will says:

    That was awesome.

    You write the most inspiring articles out there.

    I get a little frustrated that I get on these quests to block out negativity, and excel, and end up back in old patterns without realising.

    I’m saving this article to read over and over!

    Thanks Brad :)

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Yep, it’s just a process of will power.

      The first step is becoming conscious of it. From there, your mind will automatically start auto correcting, negativity will start sounding like nails on a chalk board…

  21. EJ
    EJ says:

    Brad, killer article! I have transitioned taking just information on game and putting it towards my life and being awesome all the time. One thing that always sticks with me from my days as an undergrad in a fraternity is this:

    Diligence – whatever you do, do well and my success attend your efforts.

    This is by far one of the biggest things that has helped me be positive, be awesome and make things happen for myself.

    Stay classy my friend!

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Yep, a good quote by Napoleon Hill I really like…

      “The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.” -

  22. GaryBusey
    GaryBusey says:

    To me, this is the best article you have ever written. Thanks for sharing it. Keep on doing what you are doing, because the inner work you got going on is a contribution to the world.

  23. Xander Kava
    Xander Kava says:

    Damn bro,
    One of the best articles out there, really. Can’t wait til I get enough fuckin cash to take one of your bootcamps haha.


    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Ya, I guess, like the doubt stems from self preservation, which ultimately shows that you care about yourself?

      • GaryBusey
        GaryBusey says:

        Exactly, on the surface self doubt is bad but ultimately it is a form of caring about yourself, just as you said.

  24. Daniel
    Daniel says:

    I’m currently working on pickup and dancing and I got a lot out of this article. With dancing there’s all this doubt that comes up and I just have to think about my transformation and the thing I noticed that changed the most from when I didn’t get girls to now, is the SELF-TRUST that replaced the SELF-DOUBT — which is backed up by reference experience.

    I am going to focus more on mind-excellence and self-love. I was doubting your philosophy for a while but the more I get into the process of learning a skill (dance) the more I understand the need for self-love. I will continue reading this blog.

  25. Ari
    Ari says:

    unbelievable. this is fucking gold.

    this kind of life-calibration you described in the end somehow reminds me of Al Pacino :)

    Brad, you are the shit.

  26. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Hehe, when talking about how you do everything with excellence, even folding your napkin, I start imagining you as one of the sparkly people from Twilight.

  27. Akshay
    Akshay says:

    A big hello from India! This my first visit to your site and I am just blown away with the content you have put out there! Inspirational stuff here. My self doubt and insecurities have brought me here and I have a good feeling about your blog being able to help me! Meeting you in person and attending one of your bootcamps seems like a distant possibility, but hopefully all the material on this site should do me good. Keep up the good work Brad! Cheers!

  28. pramod shetty
    pramod shetty says:

    and want to know if the person has a slight stammering habit, how he can change his perception and become a true speaker. since it only the mind is considered the bad habit, in himself he speaks like a rock star…

  29. Pikachu
    Pikachu says:

    I suffer severe self-esteem issues. Since i discovered rsd and such it has given me a bit of hope. I want to believe I can be the guy who doesn’t give a fuck and wonder trough the world with ease. My goal with all of this is not to get better with girls. I think that will become a by-product of my other goals wich are: being comfortable with myself and not caring what people think of me, living in the now, having self-love(i have none) and being the gorilla. This has basicilly become my MAIN focus the last few weeks. But I don’t seem to get anywere due to my low self esteem. It’s like a huge big wall wich i would do almost ANYTHING to break trough. It think the low esteem comes from the way that I was raised, it was a stressful inviroment and didn’t seem to get any affirmations troughout my entire childhood. It was all about how I lack motivation to go outside or having the some stupid interests that my parents had when they were young. I know realize my parents aren’t that good. The fact that i cannot accept my own body does not help the situation.
    I am only 16 and this may just go away when I get older. But I’ve had these issues since I was like 10 and it f***ing sucks. I don’t want it.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      It is great that you are already working on improving your self at a young age. I highly recommend reading Six Pillars of Self Esteem and surrounding yourself with other positive influences (i.e. great books, this blog, motivating friends, etc…). Learning to stop identifying with external influences can be challenging and take time.

  30. Elaman
    Elaman says:

    Very interesting article. I can say I relate to it in some points since I also played piano since an early age and have improved in many other things the same way.

    From my humble point of view, the really successful people that I have had the opportunity to meet so far have the “plus” ability to adapt to some new activity they don’t initially like much, to the point to make themselves enthusiastic about it in very little time. When this activity is no longer profitable, they can easily make themselves hate it and enthusiastic again about a new one. This is something very difficult to realize for most people around them, since they don’t know them up to that level.

    When you are enthusiastic enough about something, most of the “guidelines” pointed in books about success come will come as a given, completely on auto-mode. At least that is my own experience.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      That’s an interesting perspective. I completely agree with you too. If you haven’t read Mastery by George Leonard, I recommend you check it out.

  31. d4fl0w
    d4fl0w says:

    I can say I am following you for a long time but I have to say this article is simply brilliant an by far the best I have read in a long long time !!!!

  32. Wondermang
    Wondermang says:

    Does being great at everything you do include spelling? LOL, reign=a period of ruler-ship. You meant “reins,” a strap for steering a horse.

  33. Hunter
    Hunter says:

    To add to this, one thing that Branden discusses in The Art of Acceptance is that happy people simply make a choice 1) they say “what is good in my life right now?” Then mentally list all the things that are good SIDENOTE: I thought this nicely corelates with your “I am awesome” frame.

    2) what needs to be done? this shifts the focus away from negative thoughts & forces the mind to then be action focused.

    I like the whole aforementioned self-love frame to as it distills down many things to the core!

  34. rahul
    rahul says:

    i hope u will read it…i love one girl in college..and she looked me..lots of time…she is famous in college…but i am not…i want to ask her out..what should i do…ur topics about this can work too dude


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