One Million Hits, More Articles, Computer Programming, and Random Thoughts

I’ve been staring at files and my freshly purchased UBot software screen for the last 8 hours, and I think it’s time for a break.

I haven’t written an update on my own lifestyle for a while, so I thought I’d spin this bad boy out to give you a view of my life and what’s to come on the blog.

For the first time EVER recently I’ve been staying out of the clubs, working out, and getting shit done.

For a while there things were starting to feel like an eternal Ground Hog’s Day, where it was just the same thing over and over again. I didn’t know why I was even going out.

It just felt like I was “living up to the legend” of my former self. There was no spark to talk to anyone, and I ended up just falling into bad habits of drinking and letting shit just kind of randomly happen every so often.

I still have most of the month of December off as well, as I’ve set aside a lot of time to work on various business ventures, but as a respite, tomorrow I’m…

HEADING TO VEGAS! (this song just makes me wanna code some )


So I’m loading up my new 24” Briggs and Riley black on black luggage (so sick) and getting ready for 5 nights of mayhem at the Cosmopolitan.

Now I do have some business to do during the day, and as business goes, my entrepreneurial adventures have been full of ups and downs.

I was starting to WIN BIG with my SEO strategy, Haha, I was literally telling people that I felt like I was “printing money.”

And within 24 hours of making that statement, there was a Google algorithm change and my sites all took a giant shit.

5 figure income down the drain in an instant. Nice.

There’s a quote that I can’t seem to remember, but basically it states that you are only worth as much as you ARE. If you had the ability for further financial success, you’d already be there.

So learn new skills and work harder to create more value.

But there is a silver lining to that as well.

It means that once you do it once, and reach a certain level of financial success, you should have the skillset to do it again.

And with new knowledge gained through my previous mistakes, I’m coming back full force to create an EMPIRE online.

I’ve been rounding out my CSS/HTML skills. Check out the cool little Topic rollover icons in the sidebar! Yay!

That only took about 36 hours to figure out.

Now I’m on an automation kick, which has resulted in me starting to learn COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FROM SCRATCH.

Damn, I wish I would have went to school for software engineering or something, so many applicable skills.

I think if I were to attend college all over again, I’d double major in Computer Science and Philosophy.

That’s some hardcore shit. You’d probably be a super attractive candidate for any job or professional school.

Another silver lining with the SEO debacle is that wasn’t affected at all, so I’ve had more enthusiasm towards building traffic and optimizing landing pages here.

One Million Pageviews!

This site just hit another milestone over the weekend, reaching 1 million pageviews/hits since it’s creation a mere year and a half ago. So that’s pretty sweet that the traffic continues forward.

I’ve finally crossed the 100k monthly unique visitor level as well.

So what’s with all the automation?

I’m trying to streamline a lot of the mundane tasks I’ve been busy with so I can spend more time on CONTENT CREATION.

What does that mean?

I’m gonna start posting more on here again.

My goal, after Vegas, haha, is to start releasing articles about twice a week again.

I’ve been consistent for the last few months with the once a week posts, but with the intensified travel schedule, shorter more frequent posts are going to fit better with that lifestyle.

So expect new content on a regular basis, and check back often to see my constant ramblings and thoughts.

You might as well subscribe to the email RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss any posts! :)

2012 World Tour

With that, my travel schedule is about to get a little hectic here.

I’m spending a month and a half in Europe, then flying straight to South America for another month and a half.

I’ve also decided to do freetours in every city, so if your city is on the schedule, SIGN UP for some bomb shit!

Expect a lot of raw new concepts on the free tour, which I’ll also try to flesh out on the site here.

Ever wanted to check out the Stockholms, Amsterdams, and Berlins of the world?

Or party in Rio for Carnaval, and summer in Uruguay and Argentina?

I’m lucky enough that my brand is big enough now where I can just kind of pick the cities I want to go to, hence the awesome schedule.

And you should join!!!

I’ll try to get some stories out for ya next week, and hit me up below if you have any specific topics you want me to start hitting, or any other questions about the daily whims of my lifestyle.

31 replies
  1. GODS
    GODS says:

    Yrah dude, the new Google algorithm was made to filter out all the shit — if you took a hit, your sites wrrent pronably nothing but bullshitz.

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Haha, yeah man, the more I analyze my results, it wasn’t a specific algo change, more like a manual review cuz of my adsense account. No worries though, I’m coming with a more diversified approach this time to isolate my bigger money sites.

  2. Michael Cherry
    Michael Cherry says:

    Lol, Kicken ass Brad.. I still look forward to any of your updates/articles.. Come to Melbourne Aus, I’d see you speak.

  3. Rich~
    Rich~ says:

    Just curious, why the programming? php for wordpress stuff & plugins is so cheap & easy to outsource, so I’m guessing it’s something bigger than that

    My sites took a hit too btw. It wasnt surprising though – the more throwaway ones got nailed – some down like 90% of their traffic – but the ones with great content on actually did better after Panda. So I’m down about 20% revenue overall. Just another reminder that in the long run you get what you deserve – like you’re say, “only worth as much as you ARE”

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      The current script I’m developing prolly costs $500-1000 to outsource, and it’s highly specific to the business model I’ll be using in the near future. I also plan to automate all sorts of little things like social media posting, weekly email reports, etc.

      • Brad Branson
        Brad Branson says:

        Awesome man, the RSD website programmer suggested me to check out ruby as well. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with it yet, but once I start digging in and see the opportunity, I’ll definitely hit u up with some ideas. :)

  4. Leonidas
    Leonidas says:

    Building your brand definitely takes time.

    I think it was you, or another RSD instructor whom noted that it takes ~10 years to build a successful brand.

    Better yet, when the brand is you simply being you, doing what you do best… then that certainly allows for self-fulfillment.

    Also, congrats on 1,000,000 hits. A+

  5. Izak
    Izak says:

    hey brad,
    5 figure income sounds very nice. wish you all the best with your business ;) Can you tell me how much content one of your websites has and what type of niche you prefer. high or low competition? Tanks

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      It’s really a mixture. When I got hit I had 3 sites that were creating most of my income. Once you get a decent sized site it’s so easy to rank subpages relying on the domain authority. But with more traffic, and bigger sites, you’re more on Google’s radar, so to diversify I’m tweaking that approach. Basically it’s building out lots of sites, prolly with about 3-5 pages of content, and scaling the winners. Making sure to isolate them on their own hosting, registar, and maybe even separate adsense account. Hence the automation, cuz I’m planning on seriously scaling up the number of sites I’ll have.
      -it’s also speaks for itself why wasn’t hit, because it’s the exact type of site google wants in the search results, quality unique content and a good user experience…

  6. Brad Branson
    Brad Branson says:

    Heh, dude that’s like thanking me for not talking about the Kardashians or Britney Spears or some shit. I don’t watch the news, and I don’t talk politics. I’m too busy being amazing to worry about stuff outside of my immediate control.

  7. Bill Rey
    Bill Rey says:

    Yo Brad –
    I know you’ve been dabbling in the nathaniel branden area lately and recently been listening to some of his audios. Is there anything that you took away that you already didn’t kinda already know.. Is there something you took away from his teachings that you find yourself applying to your life?


    Keep us posted about the journey with D and the bunch..

  8. Craig~
    Craig~ says:

    Congrats on the 1 million page views!

    Cosmopolitan… very nice ;) Gotta love Vegas.

    Enjoy travels, South America will be sick!

  9. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    Hey Brad, nice post. I went down the coding route about two years ago writing plug-ins for wordpress. I finally broke down and took a course on dreamweaver. It’s been a complete godsend. I can develop in a fraction the time now. You might like to look into getting a copy yourself.

  10. Tom
    Tom says:

    Hate to break it to ya man but most of those million pageviews are actually just me. ;p
    Seriously though the amount of free value on here is sweet, I’ve recommended it to friends and used a lot of your advice in my own lifestyle over the months I’ve been following, with some pretty nice results.
    You planning on picking back up with the RSD newsletter btw?

  11. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    LOL that Can’t Complain picture is hilarious

    I remember editing that video with Mike and we were laughing our asses off. We wanted to think of how to use that footage in a video but it wasn’t linear enough, so integrating it into the mating strategy video was the way to do it.

    It was the first time we integrated another video into a vblog and it was the shit. Makes you feel like you’re going on an adventure when you watch a vblog. We’ve got more coming out like that.

    Soooo pissed I couldn’t be out in Vegas that would’ve been bomb. Blaaaaah!! Work work work. :)


  12. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    btw you may wanna take pictures like that with bizarre taglines and put them as alternating headers, similar to how Mark Sisson or Tim Ferris use alternating headers.

    It would give the blog and it’s themes more recognition and make it more of a “purple cow”. You’ve got something there that to you seems like no big deal but it actually an asset.


  13. Mark
    Mark says:

    hey dood, great stuff, could you rant on the thread of social circle and managing those logistics? cant complain. west side. western european $id3 8)

  14. 2Horns
    2Horns says:

    ey brad isn’t there a chance that you add Tunsia(North africa) to your schedule while you’re at it?

    would be fucking great man.

  15. filip
    filip says:

    hi, arent you going to budapest this january ? i was interested to attend on your bootcamp (its close to slovakia where i live)

    • Brad Branson
      Brad Branson says:

      Yeah man, I wish! I love Budapest but we didn’t get any sign ups. So now I set up a second weekend in Stockholm, which is the only weekend left that isn’t full in Europe. Feel free to join there man, otherwise, NEXT TIME!


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