The Paradox of Self Acceptance vs. Self Development? There is No Paradox!

BradleyMerry Christmas man!

As you can see from the vid, I’m up in Wisconsin, and literally had to stop half way through because my mouth stopped moving from the cold weather.

Which makes me pretty excited to start my world tour, getting the hell out of the snow and off to Thailand.

I’m heading there with Alex, former instructor Ryan, and about 12 of my closest bad ass friends.

Gonna be so sick.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing this buzz phrase for like two weeks here at RSD Headquarters…

Both Owen saying it, and having a guy ask me about it on one of the LSA calls.

So I figured I’d give MY take on the paradadox of Self Acceptance and Self Development, and why I don’t even think there is a paradox!

Check the vid and see why YOU need to accept yourself more!


There really isn’t a paradox if you dig deep enough and see HOW self acceptance is important for developing yourself further.

It isn’t a matter of accepting complacency, it’s creating the self love to feel deserving that you should get more out of life.

And a method to determine what aspects of your life you ignore and block out, the areas that NEED to change if you want to hit the next level of success.

Let me know what you think, this is a pretty fun concept!

And as always…


Destroy the ‘Give a F*ck What People Think of Me’ Mentality

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 1.53.10 AMWhatup!

I’ve been busy for days editing up testimonials from the Lifestyle Academy, and it’s been pretty cool to talk with the guys in the program, and see how it has affected their lives…

Anyway, a decent number of them mentioned a video I created in Week 4 that I call ‘The Director’, which is kind of the beta version of a inner game product that I have in the works.

The goal is to move guys out of being a spectator in life, through becoming the player, and ultimately to being the “director of their destiny.”

One of my favorite parts goes in depth into explaining why we care what other people think of us, and the “socio-consciousness” that goes along with that.

This is one of those concepts that I think will take a few times explaining before it gets polished up nicely, so I figured what better way then to just throw it out here, and see what you think.

So check out the vid, and leave a comment with what you think, if there are any areas that might be a bit confusing, or if you have any suggestions for more that I should add in future videos.

I’m excited to see what you think!

Click here for the vid:


My main goal is to give you the UNDERSTANDING behind why you care what other people think.

That understanding can help you move past the problem, and into that higher level of consciousness I mention in the vid.

I also wanted to give a practical way of using that knowledge, to help you catch yourself when those negative thought patterns kick in, as well as how to internalize the “action oriented identity.”

Let me know what you think!

How to Triple Your ‘Free Time’ Without Sacrificing the Other Areas of Your Life

MJblogHow’s it going!

Just pounding out a few vids, and figured I’d shoot one off in the studio here for today’s post.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you…

“Have you ever felt like there wasn’t enough time in the day to finish everything you wanted to accomplish?”

Have you ever dreamed of learning another language, starting your own business, or spending more nights out on the town, but then your day to day tasks creeped in and you thought to yourself, “I’ll never have enough time to get to all of this!”

Well, let me tell you, if these thoughts ever pop into your head…

You’re going at it all wrong!

Check out the Vid Below, and Figure out How you can Triple Your Freetime, without giving up on the other areas of your life!


Part of the problem is those “productive procrastination” habits that I mentioned in the vid, but MORE importantly is how you prioritize your values and goals!

Seriously, you need to sit down and spend a few hours diving into this, and see WHY certain stressors pop into your life.

Everytime you have those feelings of “not enough time” it’s because you are either ignoring certain values you have, and because you are ignoring them you aren’t growing, which brings up the bad emotions and thoughts…

…or you have a conflict in your priorities, which is when it’s time to man up, and go for what you want in life.

And get creative and think of a new way to strategize on how you could use one task to fulfill multiple aspects of growth in your life.

Let me know some of the creative strategies you’ve come up with below, as I’m sure other guys will be interested too!

Why Internet Marketing Sucks & How to Turn Your Resume into an ATM

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 1.22.53 AMThought I’d brave the cold weather because the lights are just so damn pretty this time of year by my place in Chicago!

Anyway, we were having some interesting discussions over in the Lifestyle Academy program, and I said something pretty controversial.

I realized that almost every guy who gets into RSD, starts going out, and realizes how much their day job holds them back from being able to chat up girls as much as they would like.

They also start dreaming of traveling the world, and hitting on girls from all over the globe.

So they think, “I want to work from my lap top! Travel the world and just game all the time! Delegate all my work and just party! It would be awesome!”

And if that’s the dream you have, lemme tell you something right now:

“It ain’t happening.”

Haha, now I’m not here to shatter your dreams, and tell you what isn’t possible. What I want to do is tell you what it actually looks like to live an awesome lifestyle where you have lots of free time, financial freedom, and the ability to work from wherever you want.

First check out the video, it gives a good explanation, as well as the 3 tips to “Turn Your Resume into an ATM”

Click here to watch the vid

Now my goal isn’t to bring you down, it’s to tell you that ANYTHING is possible.

So I thought it would be cool to give you a few quick tips to get you started along the way:

3 Quick tips:

1. Make it Fun.
– Just as going out isn’t fun at first, or doing dead lifts, it becomes fun. So does business. You learn to love html, or writing SOP documents.
2. Value equals money, skills equal value
– The more skills you learn, the more you will be able to offer value, and create money for yourself, your business, or your employer, resulting in more income.
3. Think long term
– Don’t worry about the reward, build the skill. If you don’t get a raise, you will still have the skill and a better resume for your next job, or the knowledge to start your own thing.

So let me know in the comments below what skill YOU could develop that would get you on the path to a higher income and more leverage…

How to Become an Avid Reader: Increase Your Brain Power By 1000%

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 11.45.27 PMWhatup!

Just getting back from Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family, thought I’d make a quick video on a new “ritual” I’ve been doing for the last few months that LITERALLY increased my brain power what feels like 1000%.

I learned it from modeling some of the most successful people I’ve met, and it’s just had such a large impact on my life, I’m hoping it can do the same for you.

Check out the vid, and then I’ll get into my book list below:


Hope you enjoyed those quick tips. As I mentioned in the vid, it seems a bit simple, but so does going to the gym 3 times a week, and people don’t do that either.


Alright, so here are the 3 top books I’d choose in each category currently:

Self Development
1. 6 Pillars of Self Esteem
2. The Big Leap
3. Spiritual Enlightenment The Damnedest Thing

1. E Myth Revisited
2. Good to Great
3. Scientific Advertising/My Life in Advertising

1. Benjamin Franklin
2. Steve Jobs
3. Richard Branson

All of these are awesome books, all highly recommended!

Not like the top 3 of all time or anything, but definitely worth putting at the top of your reading lists.

Hope you enjoy the selection! Definitely comment below if you have any biographies or other books that you really liked, I’m always looking for more!

The Secret Success Barrier ALL Successful People Have (And How to Remove It) – Ditch Your Friends

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 4.10.31 PMWhatup!

Coming at you from the Northwoods of America, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!

Always a good time, chilling in the woods, getting all introspective.

Which actually relates to today’s post.

You see, I’ve been getting a bit complacent in certain aspects of my life.

But complacent really isn’t the right word, that has the negative connotation of sitting in neutral.

I’m still moving forward nicely, but life is really “comfortable.”

And comfort is usually a sign that you aren’t leaning hard enough into your edge.

To jump forward and take the big leap is NOT a comfortable process.

You are going to be learning new things. Trying new things. Making mistakes. Meeting new people.

It’s not easy, and definitely not comfortable.

But it’s because you are out of your element, in an environment where to fit in, you need to level up.

Let me show you the vid, and then we’ll talk some more below:

Yep! So the goal is to surround yourself with people that are so far ahead of you… You feel a little awkward.

You start questioning yourself, “Did I say the right thing there?” “What should I wear when we meet up?”

Of course this isn’t the best headspace to be in, but it’s a good indicator you are surrounding yourself with really high calibre people, and are in a great environment to GROW.

Now, yes… In the perfect world you would never worry about what other people think of you, and you wouldn’t doubt yourself around anyone. But that’s an entirely different conversation.

What we are talking about here is the FEAR that hold many successful people back because they reach a certain level of success, and instead of pushing forward and doing it all over again, they get comfortable with their new found success, and never move forward.

And NO! To all my friends that read this, hahaha, this isn’t about ditching old friends for higher value ones, and being all Machiavellian. It’s about creating the environment around you, friends, living situation, travel schedule, etc. to constantly be growing and a “little bit uncomfortable.”

I’d be interested to hear where YOU have had success, but have gotten too comfortable.

Comment below and let me know what you will do to push forward!


The Snooze Pandemic: 3 Quick Tips to Wake Up Every Day With Energy and Excitement

clockWell hello there! Brad here.

It’s been a while. I’ve been busy participating in a few Business events. First in Hollywood a few weeks ago, and more recently last weekend in Las Vegas with an event put on by Nick and Tony Hseih.

Anyway, last week in the Lifestyle Academy, I recorded my morning ritual, where I go through the start of the day, building momentum to be as productive as possible early, and how to ride that wave through the rest of the day.

One of the constant questions I got was, “How do you wake up with energy, being more excited, passionate about the start of your day. I usually just hit the snooze button over and over again, and then I’m exhausted at the start of the day.”

What I want to do is give you 3 tips to make the start of your day the jump start you need to wake up productive.

So Check out This Vid to Learn How to Wakeup Productive!

Yep! So the 3 Tips are:

1. No More Snooze!

This is definitely the most important one. Do NOT. EVER. Use the snooze button again.

You see, most guys in RSD are in their best mental state at the end of the night, they schedule what to do the next day, have all these extravagant ideas, because they are in a higher consciousness headspace.

But when you wake up exhausted, you are in a low consciousness headspace, and want to just keep sleeping. And only get up when you HAVE to.

Make it a rule to wake up.

As tired and exhausted as you are, you’ll slowly get going because of…

2. Use Momentum

Yep, good old momentum, I look at the beginning of the day EXACTLY like the first approach of the night. No one wants to do it, no one likes waking up.

But you just do it, and start moving. Create a morning ritual where you build momentum and slowly wake up, and hit high productive tasks.

3. Get Deep on the WHY!

You need to update your Operating System and dig deep into WHY you want to accomplish the things you plan to accomplish in life.

The stronger the purpose the more leverage you have. The more vivid your vision, the more excited you’ll be to wake up and get to work.

Because you see the VISION, and have the jet fuel for accomplishing your goals.

It’s never hard to get up if you’re about to do something you’re excited to do, get excited about life with a clear path to growth, and waking up becomes easy.

Wake Up Productive!

Let me know how cutting the snooze button out works for you…

I’m excited to see if it helps.  :)

Why You Will Never Succeed: The Importance of Follow Thru…

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 5.59.43 PMWhatup dude!

Pretty excited for Halloween here, and the finale of The Lifestyle Academy product launch.

Seriously, so much work!!!

I’ve been working nonstop for 26 days now on this product launch, lol, it’s been intense.

Anyway, before heading out to party, I wanted to send out a video on the NUMBER ONE REASON people don’t succeed in life.

Whether it be success with women, seeking that job promotion, or getting six pack abs, the reason you never reach those hard-earned goals, is you lack:

Follow Through

Yep!  It seems obvious, but the issue is more of a deep seated problem in how you view the situation.

Let’s dig into today’s video, and then I’ll explain in a little more detail:

Click Here to Watch!  

So when those inevitable hurdles get in your way, it’s a time to get CREATIVE, not a time to give up, pass the blame, or make an excuse.

The reason you haven’t achieved what you want in life is because you give up, instead push to the next level, and hold yourself to a higher standard!

Don’t fall into complacency, trying to rationalize your mediocre life when you know there is more out there.

Reach for the stars and your true potential, anything is possible, but only the strong succeed.

But it’s not because of brute force, it’s because they get creative when things don’t go their way.

Try, try again, and sooner or later…

The dam bursts, and success follows.  :)

Last day to enroll in The Lifestyle Academy!  If you are interested in “Leveling Up Your Lifestyle” you MUST check this out:

Head there now and let’s do this!  We’ve already got a super active private forum, with the guys who have signed up offering some cool insights, and me answering all their questions.

Boom!  It’s going to be awesome.

Happy Halloween!!!