BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Learn What it Takes to Be Successful in ALL Areas of Your Life, and Get Personalized Feedback from Me


So excited to get this out to you guys here!

Last week I held a webinar on mastering your emotions, and how to remove those pesky moments of stress, self doubt, and worry that seem to never go away.

You know that feeling, like you don’t know where it came from, but if you look deep down, it’s because you aren’t truly reaching your potential as a man.

Now I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve read some self development books, and are starting to understand your “inner game.”

But are you frustrated when fear STILL holds you back from achieving everything you want in life?

Or do you think you just don’t have the right knowledge to: get rid of all the stress and doubts, find a better job, start your own business, save loads of money in your bank account, rock 6 pack abs, travel the world, get an awesome girlfriend, or HAVE IT ALL!

It’s frustrating because I see so many guys make the same mistakes!

They don’t know where to find the right knowledge to achieve their goals NOW…

They don’t have anyone to Kick them in the Ass when they get lazy, or when the fear of their own success holds them back…

And even when they DO find the right knowledge to succeed, they don’t have anyone to show them the right way to Use it …

Maybe I get frustrated because I see myself in those guys…

10 years ago I was completely controlled by anxiety and doubts, always wondering if I was making the right decisions in life.

…and looking back now, I’m grateful EVERY DAY for how far I’ve come, and the sick lifestyle I’m living right now.

I mean, every day I wake up excited, with a hot girlfriend, jet setting around the world, getting close to those 6 pack abs, super passionate about my job, and helping TRANSFORM guys like you so they too can live amazing lifestyles.

Which is what this post is all about…

Check Out Brad’s Lifesetyle Academy!  Click Below:

Yep!  Its gonna be sick!

It’s an 8 week course Built Specifically For You, where every week I survey each person in the program about a specific topic, and then record an hours worth of content on that topic.

Then each week we’ll have a “No Holds Barred” QnA session where you can ask me ANYTHING.

Also, for some of the topics I’m going to take your questions and interview MY mentors.

I’m talking self made multi millionaires, jet-setting all stars, and my fitness guru who works with 4 Time Mr. Olympian Jay Cutler and the NAVY Seals.

Sounds pretty good, hey?

The Lifestyle Academy course is now OPEN.  The doors will close November 1st at 11:59pm Pacific

Think about how much you could improve your lifestyle if:

  • You became clear on what you wanted out of life, and found someone with the knowledge to help you achieve those goals FASTER.
  • You had a Mastermind group with other highly motivated guys achieving similar goals, who could hold you to a higher standard.
  • You had an experienced mentor with years of experience teaching the principles of success, who gave you access to some of the most successful people he’s learned from.
  • You decided to IMMERSE yourself in a high growth environment, almost like a University course where you’d be growing DAILY in every area of your life.

How do YOU Enroll in The Lifestyle Academy?

1. Payment Plans:  
I’m offering payment plans to help manage the monthly costs of the program.

2.  Free Lifetime Membership to the Academy Forum:  
Create life long friends with other motivated successful people, track your progress, and ask me anything in the Lifestyle Academy Private Forum, and maintain access for life.  :)

3.  Oh yeah.  Get a Ridiculous Guarantee: 

I wanted to make this as low risk as possible, so if for any reason you don’t COMPLETELY enjoy the program, you can get a refund ANY TIME during the 60 days of the course.

For reals…  Sign up, and get ready to work.  As long as you attend all of the calls and complete all of the exercises, if you aren’t fully satisfied, just email customer support and they’ll send you a full refund of the program.

There you go!  No risk, rock and roll, and if you want something more out of your life, to “level up” your lifestyle, and take life by the reins, then I have no doubt The Lifestyle Academy is for you.

Again, enrollment is officially OPEN —  until Friday, Nov 1st at 11:59pm.


How to Find a Mentor without Breaking the Bank

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.22.17 PMWhatup, Brad here.

Coming at you twice this week, today I wanted to talk about how to create win-win relationships with guys.

Sounds kind of funny, but as I mentioned last week, the more experience you get with the success with women stuff, the easier it gets to chat up a girl, but the thing I’ve noticed, and from what I’ve heard many guys say, is that it’s actually harder to find and talk to other high value guys.

Like, how would you make a guy more successful than you your friend?

And without feeling like a “value leech?”

And how do you even find these guys?!

Well, Thursday’s video will give you a few strategies to actually find these guys, so make sure to check back for that:

But what I thought I’d do today, is give you some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years on how to bring high value people into your life.

Check out the vid below on how to learn from super successful people and make them your friends!

Yep, so find someone that’s a few steps more successful than you, and figure out how to start working with them.

Think about the LONG TERM, and how MASSIVE ACTION is actually a great way to give value back to your mentor.

Then build those skils, assets, and mindsets, so even if you don’t end up working together long term, you’ll have more universal skills and value to offer other people.

And then the sky’s the limit!


Alright, that’s all for now, as I mentioned earlier, on Thursday I’ll explain another way to surround yourself with high value action takers, as well as show you how to find the knowledge to “Level up Your Lifestyle,”

Like everything from: Making more money, to building those awesome social circles, to creating more free time to go out, or work on your business, or read more, or hit the gym more, and how to do it all with that rock solid inner game where you’re happier and living a stress free, awesome life.

Sound’s pretty good?

I agree, see ya Thursday.

Check out this vid from Steve Jobs on finding your mentor! As well as his take on success and failure…

What’s The Meaning of Life? And How Does that Relate to Finding Your Passion?

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 7.24.25 PMHey!

Just getting back from the gym, my girl’s about to come over, and then we’ll probably hit up the town.

Looking forward to it, as I haven’t left my house since getting back from NYC last weekend, other than going to the gym, and I think I need to interact with other people a little bit. Haha.

But I’ve been super stoked because I’ve been planning for the webinar next week, and a new coaching program that will be coming out pretty soon.

Ooooooh.  It’s good.  Don’t ask me questions about it though, only a select few are going to be invited. (attend the webinar for more info)


Today’s vid was recorded when I visited Owen in LA.  We ended up just riffing on a bunch of topics, with the whole vid being about 2 hours.

I thought that would be too long, so I cut it up, and focused in on 2 key topics.  Asking each of us:

What are you passionate about?

What is Lifestyle Development to you?

What came out, was pure gold, haha:

So what are you passionate about, and how does your view of reality affect your passions?

And what do you need to do or learn to become the “ultimate man” and use Lifestyle Development to further develop yourself?

That last sentence sounds a little weird.  Haha.  But you get what I mean!

Let me know in the comments below!

Emotional Intelligence Webinar!!! + Brad and Tyler’s 10 Principles Rap Outtakes

You duddddeee!!!!

So I’m pretty stoked to announce that I’m doing a FREE webinar titled:

Emotional Intelligence:  Mastering your emotions, finding your higher purpose, and living a more positive and fulfilled life.

Click Here to Register:

I sent out a survey a few weeks back to the main RSD email list, and this was the clear winner.

And I’m excited, as I’ve spent years working on my own Emotional Intelligence, as well as dealing with it every weekend on bootcamp, guys dealing with rejection, etc, and now helping clients master this on the LIfestyle coaching calls.

So check out the vid, and enjoy the out takes at the end!

Yep, the webinar will be held TWICE, October 14th at 6PM Eastern time zone, and again October 16th at 9PM Eastern.

No, it will not be recorded, and NO, there is no difference between the two webinars.  I just wanted to do it at different times so people from around the world could check it out.

Come to both I guess!  Hammer in the mindsets of the positive reframe, find what drives you, and feel more JAZZED in your day to day life.  :)

Jazz hands yo.

Anyway, if you are confused what those out takes are from, it’s from the video Tyler and I did last week while in LA, where we tried to explain how the principles of success with women directly relate to living a successful LIFE.

Here’s the vid, which I LOVE!

Non stop free content everyday!  Ahh!!

Vid yesterday, vid today, webinar coming up soon!  Let’s do this!

Sorry…  Too much coffee…

Anyway, again the dates for the webinar are:  Oct 14th at 6PM and Oct 16th at 9PM

Click on the link to reserve your seat!

Busting the Myths of the Law of Attraction

thesecretmovieOne of the most polarizing movies I’ve come across in the self development world is the movie The Secret.

Some love it, some hate it.

I definitely think that the concept of life being a self fulfilling prophecy has a lot of validity, but I can also see how easily a concept like “just think it, and it will come” can be misinterpreted.

I figured I’d break down how I use the law of attraction, and it’s many benefits, as well as how not to fall into the trap of passivity, hoping things will come your way if you just think hard enough.  lol.

Check out the vid to learn how to use the Law of Attraction!!!

Oh yeah!  Good stuff hey?

What do you think?  How do you use the Law of Attraction in your own life?

You know they say the 80/20 rule of success is that 80% of success comes from the commitment and conviction to the goal, compared to only 20% being about the method to get there.

If you truly believe something strongly enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

Most people are so focused on the METHOD…  Commit yourself!

That’s what the law of attraction is all about.

Have a great week!

How to Break Free from the Matrix and Live an Awesome Lifestyle

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 8.44.46 PMWhatup!

It’s been a long week.  Super productive!

Last night especially, I finished all my work for the day, had a call with my coach/mentor, and went off to the gym in the rain.

By the time I got finished, there were CRAZY rainstorms here in Chicago.

Oh well, I decided to buck up, get DRENCHED and make the 20 minute trek back to my apartment.

I walked past people, none of which looked happy to be in the rain, haha, meanwhile feeling pretty neutral myself, when all of a sudden…


I have like this crazy peak experience and start to cry.  Hah, it sounds so weird writing this out, but it was intense.

Just check out this video, which explains what happened, and how YOU can break free from the Matrix and live a better life.

I truly am scared to think where my life would have been if I would have ended up going to medical school, totally locked into the Matrix, making decisions based off of society’s standards instead of my own.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt, none of the life experiences, none of the confidence I gained from all the self development work I’ve done along the way.

It FRIGHTENS me to think of myself at 21, and what could have happened.

But luckily I found the self development world, started working for RSD, and met some AMAZING clients, mentors, and friends who have helped me become the person I am today.

And lucky for YOU, I’ve developed my career on being a teacher who can break down complex concepts, distill information, and turn it into simple strategies to get where you want to be quicker.  :)

If you feel on any level that you deserve more, or aren’t reaching your potential, then let’s dive into that, and find out what is holding you back.  Maybe you need something, a tip, a strategy, or maybe you need to remove something that’s holding you back.

We’ll get into all of that, and MORE, real soon.

Let me know what holds you back, comment below!!!

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Self Esteem

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.08.22 PMWhatup!

As you know, I’ve explained that my ULTIMATE end goal in life is to continually boost my self esteem.


Because it is the common denominator in every aspect of life, the biggest factor in if you are successful, as well as how you FEEL about that success.

I thought it would be a fun idea to think of the highest leverage activities you can do to pump up your self esteem, and give you the ones that have helped me and my clients the most.

Some are easy to get started on, like cutting off negative thought patterns and thinking of a positive reframe.

But others, like taking responsibility, remind me more of the old analogy of how to boil a frog.

You can’t throw a frog in hot water, you slowly turn up the heat, and they don’t even realized they are being boiled to death.

That’s how responsibility is.  If you take on too much at once, you’re probably going to get overwhelmed and freak out a bit.

Responsibility has to be slowly developed, slowly brought on, a little more every day.  Whether that be through actual THINGS you do (external), or taking on more responsibility for the things that happen in your life. (internal mindset)

Check out the vid, it will explain things in more depth for ya.

Yep!  Again from the vid, here’s the 5 Techniques:

1. Assert Yourself

2. Reframe a Belief

3. Take Responsibility

4. Meditate through Routine

5. Challenge Yourself

I’ll see you again later in the week, let me know what you think of the tips below!



Awww Yeahh!!! Livin the Life of a Rock… Programmer?!

gay2Busy busy busy busy!

I’ve been working all day trying to figure out my damn shopping cart on the new site, FINALLY think I got everything smoothed out, for the moment.

My life just went into overdrive this weekend, with a bunch of new projects in the works.

I figured I’d just send out a post here quick to show you what goes on behind the scenes, as has seemed to become my “free for all” site these days.

Evolutions Relaunch

The other big new development, is that Evolutions will soon be available on the Clickbank Marketplace, where there are literally THOUSANDS of affiliates that could potentially promote Evolutions.

It’s something we’ve never done at RSD before, so who knows how it will go.  But we’ve created a whole new sales funnel, and are planning on hosting an affiliate competition with prizes and all sorts of fun gifts for affiliates making the most sales.  Yay!

With that launch, we’ll also be offering Evolutions with BRAND NEW BONUSES for anyone who hasn’t bought it yet (although from the guys I meet on the street, it seems almost everyone has. Thanks!!!)

But the thing I’m actually most excited about with this relaunch is that I’m planning on creating some bomb videos like I did before the initial Evolutions launch, i.e. Tokyo, Sydney, and Brisbane probably being my favorites…

So sick.  Although I’ll be mostly in Chicago, I got some pretty sneaky ideas for creating vids with high production value.

Get prepped and make sure to check youTube every Thursday, as those vids are going to take some serious work to produce, I hope you enjoy them.


Then there’s bootcamp this weekend, more coaching calls, RSDNation vids, Lifestyle weekly vids, my Immersions Program weekly vid, hitting the gym 3 times a week, bachelor party in Miami next weekend, yada yada yada…

Busy times, hopefully at some point I’ll take a break and just chill in the woods or something.

But so much potential right now, no time to stop!!!

Hope your life is treating you well, and hopefully you’re on the path to an amazing lifestyle.

Thanks as always for following along on the journey!