Book Review: The 50th Law by Robert Greene

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 11.00.28 PMWhatup!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review, and this is one of the better ones I’ve read in a while.

Get it now!

The 50th Law by Robert Greene

I’ve heard Owen talk about this book before, but mostly in passing, while I think it is an essential to any Self Development Library.

Just straight sick.

Initially I was somewhat apprehensive, because I didn’t really care for 50 cent much, and didn’t know what I could learn from a street hustler turned rapper.

But 50 is really just a muse for Robert Greene, who uses his story as a jumping off point, using examples of Napoleon, to Miles Davis and Malcolm X.

It really was the final nail in the coffin for me when it came to “working for someone else,” as 50 states that any time you work as an employee, you are dependent on your employer for your sustenance.

On some level, this is always going to be a hit to your self esteem, as the goal of any self actualized being is full autonomy and self responsibility.

There’s also a nice section on “the positive reframe,” how to turn any situation into something beneficial.

And it even gets into the whole nihilistic “we’re all going to die anyway, what do you have to be afraid of” type of stuff, which I loved how it intertwined into solid business advice, and ultimately a better way to view reality and take on more risk.

Stand up book, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Again, here’s the amazon link:  The 50th Law by Robert Greene

Let me know what you think!

You Get 1 Day Off, I Get 1 MONTH Off

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI just got back from NYC and was stoked to hit the gym.

Figured on the way I’d drop off my dry cleaning and pick up a package that should have arrived today…

Ehhhhh!!!! It’s Memorial Day bro!

Woops, totally forgot it’s a holiday.

Instead I decided to work, and first things first comes looking at my to do list and schedule, and I realize…

I have the next 4 weeks off! Yay!

Time to work my ass off on my new self dev project.

It’s happening!  Brad Branson 2.0, your resident lifestyle expert!

All Men Strive For Freedom

Big announcement aside, today I wanted to talk about FREEDOM.

I’ve come to realize how important Freedom is to my well being. Any time I have full choice to do what I want, I’m happy. If on any level I have to do something I don’t want to do, or am forced to do, I get agitated.

Seems obvious, but the ramifications go a step higher.

As an example, I have the next 4 weeks off, yet I will probably be working harder than ever!

But it’s on MY passion projects, the things I want to do, but am not forced to do because of a constrained schedule, or because I need some extra cash.

If I look at my lifestyle, I sometimes ask myself…

“Do I have financial freedom?”

I mean, I teach bootcamps when I feel like it to keep my chops up, I have a good passive income from Evolutions and the Immersion program, I get guys coming up DAILY telling me how the product has changed their lives proving that my work is more about offering value than just an income, and I’m traveling all over the place WHEN I WANT TO as opposed to in the past of doing it because I HAD to.

It’s close. Yeah, I’d like some more money in my bank account, but as I’ve said before, “If I had another 0 behind the $$$ I have in my bank account, the only thing I’d be doing differently is wearing a nicer watch.”

Self Development = Entrepreneurialism

Bragging aside, I really feel one of the biggest luxuries of today’s world is the ability to work virtually, where you want, when you want.

And it should be everyone’s goal to at least subsidize SOME of their income utilizing the huge technological break throughs of the last 20 years or so.

I’m rambling a bit, but maybe this quote from Robert Greene will get me back in line:

“When you work for others, you are at their mercy. They own your work; they own you. What keeps you in such positions is a fear of having to sink or swim on your own. Instead you should have a greater fear of what will happen to you if you remain dependent on others. Your goal in life MUST be ownership. When it is yours, it is yours to lose. You are motivated, more creative, more alive.”

I think it’s inevitable that as you dive further into self development, you get stricken by the entrepreneurial bug.

You really have to. Independence, leadership, self autonomy, how can you truly master these when dependent on someone else to provide your sustenance?

I’m lucky that RSD has given me the ability to “fly with a net” when it comes to starting various businesses. They allow us to be quite entrepreneurial with our brands, as well has having massive amounts of free time to work on side projects.

Do More than Expected

So much of society just punches in, punches out. Because of the aforementioned thoughts of starting their own business, they get frustrated when their boss tells them what to do, and resort to just doing the bare minimum in their job.

Why not instead do MORE than expected, push harder to learn as much as possible.

Sure you might deserve more income for your efforts, but worry about that later. First and foremost you need to continually be honing your craft and working to build skills that if you did ever go off on your own, you’d have some experience delegating, creating a product, marketing, etc.

And lots of times when you do that hard work, you WILL get noticed, and get a pay increase with that added leverage.

Talk is cheap, and so many business owners have heard a million times over their employees having grandiose ideas about how to better their company.

Instead of talking, just DO IT, and don’t worry about the financial remuneration. No matter what ends up happening, at least you will LEARN.

Start thinking of your resume as your personal brand, fill out the weak points and think about what you need to reach the next level, and ultimately branch off and do your own thing.

This is what gives you the Freedom to Do Whatever the Hell you want!

(Which surprisingly often is actually working on your own business! Hah!)

Let me know what you think of this new direction! Excited to see what peeps think…


Crowd Sourced Blog! What do You Want to Read/Watch?!


This might appear to be one of those articles that a blogger writes about when they run out of content, and cheaply ask their reader base what to write about, but trust me, I have an endless stream of things to write/blog about.

It’s funny, I’m doing at least 4 videos a week between here, RSDN, my self dev project, and The Immersions program inside Evolutions.

And I’m constantly surprised at how easy it is to create content, and just pound out videos left and right.

But I’m trying to think of the direction I want to take this blog in.

You’ve probably noticed many of my recent vids are very “self helpy” in nature.  And that’s because I’ve been doing a lot of research rereading old books and trying to organize the content into a system that helps people create an amazing lifestyle through mindsets related to personal finances, achieving goals, self development, etc.

I could just go straight transparent into my day to day life, which is pretty sick, but rather presumptuous of me to just assume people want to hear about what I’m reading, how I just got a trainer for the gym, and what my current thought processes/mindsets are.  But who knows…

HENCE!  Why I’m asking you what you want to hear about!

You might be an old reader, or someone new to the site, and maybe someone who never comments…

But the path of this blog is UP TO YOU!!!

So the people who comment and give recommendations are the ones who sculpt the direction of this blog.

Kind of fun actually, lets see what you got!

Blog Resurrection! Back from the dead baby!

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 5.03.08 PMOh, well… Hello there!

Brad here, coming at you from Chicago, where it’s nice and hot today.

Now, I know you’ve missed me, of course, and I’m here today to exclaim the GREAT news that the blog is making a serious comeback.

It will probably be a mixture of vBlogs and some written stuff, depending on the city I’m in and what I’m doing.

Expect a new article every TUESDAY here, probably early afternoon Central Standard time zone.


Why am I doing this?

Ever since the launch of Evolutions last December, my life has been a whirlwind.

I moved into my first place in almost 5 years. Life on the road was amazing, but it’s nice to chill back a bit and hunker down on new business adventures here in Chicago.

I’ve been focusing LOTS of time on The Immersion Program, which is the weekly video portion of Evolutions.

I’ve also been mentoring a few guys who are just starting their businesses, as well as doing some marketing consulting with SERIOUS startup tech companies.

One of them is, SUPER excited about that company.

With the explosion of EDM and house music, the nightclubs in Las Vegas have been pulling in THE TOP DJs, but every night, the set just disappears into the abyss.

Streamkat is spearheading a service where they plan to make available all of these DJ sets, in real time, on their website.

Definitely check it out! It’s free, and you’ll be able to stream shows for a few days after their release.

Let me know what you think. (You know I NEVER promote other people’s stuff, and only am this company because I’m working directly with them.)

I’ve also been working on a self development project… Oh my god.

So much work. I didn’t know where to start with this bad boy.

Initially I was thinking I’d just create some sort of Lifestyle Development product, outlining my lifestyle today, and how to get there.

But it’s like paradigm on top of paradigm, on top of paradigm, and I was having a tough time remembering what my perspective was at each step along my path towards self actualization.

This led to me diving into the old books, and ultimately creating a completely different type of product that outlines the various common stages of consciousness every dude goes through on his journey towards self actualization.

There are concrete paradigms at each stage, and my goal is to push people from one level, onto the next, and ultimately to a level where he has a much better understanding of himself, and his place in the world, where he truly can “Direct his Destiny.”

That’s all I’ll say for now. I’m sure you’ll hear more about it soon enough in future articles.

As always,


Extreme Dominance and Owning it Like a BOSS

I’ve been focusing so much energy on these vids lately.  After the rant vBlog, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to surpass it’s awesomeness.


I think I did it folks.

I’ve been working hard on developing an eye for color.  Spending lots of time reading up on proper color grading, as well as trying to incorporate more of an overall flow to the pieces.

But before we get to the vid, a quick update on my schedule…

October 25, 2012: Sydney, Australia (7pm-9pm)
November 1, 2012: Brisbane, Australia (7pm-9pm)
November 8, 2012: Melbourne, Australia (7pm-9pm)
November 22, 2012: Perth, Australia (7pm-9pm)
November 29, 2012: Auckland, New Zealand (7pm-9pm)
December 13, 2012: Tokyo, Japan (7pm-9pm)

October 26-28, 2012: Sydney, Australia (FULL)
November 2-4, 2012: Brisbane, Australia (FULL)
November 9-11, 2012: Melbourne, Australia (ONE SPOT LEFT)
November 16-18, 2012: Sydney, Australia (ONE SPOT LEFT)
November 23-25, 2012: Perth, Australia
November 30-December 2, 2012: Auckland, New Zealand
December 14-16, 2012: Tokyo, Japan

Alright!!!  Enjoy!!!!!!

I had a lot of guys ask about the song in the youTube comments, so I figured I’d just throw the full track up here as the song of the week.

Also, if you noticed…  I’m throwing the vids up on the blog before RSDN nowadays, gotta give love to you for always coming to my site and checking things out.  :)

See ya next week!

Great Reviews! I’m Alive, And Working Hard, FOR YOU!!!

I’ve  been working on finding images for Plenty of Fish ads lately, thought this one was pretty classic.

Haha, so I’ve had a few guys commenting, asking if I was alive…

I’ve been working so damn hard the last few MONTHS, I haven’t had as much ability to work on the blog, which makes me sad.

It’s weird because everything I am doing right now directly relates to this site, directly relates to building my brand, but there’s just too many countless things to do, and at times, writing here takes a back seat.

That being said, I’m SUPER stoked with the new skills I’ve been developing, and what is in the works in the very near future.

Especially for guys out there that like my stuff.  If you have learned ANYTHING from this site, changing your life in anyway, this product is literally my MAGNUM OPUS!!!!

I’ve spilled all 5 years of material, countless examples from my own dating life, the experiences of hundreds of clients, then spent months organizing it, going through the effort of recording, re-recording, editing, marketing, and packaging this beast up, and the finished product has been getting STELLAR REVIEWS!

I’m so humbled by this behemoth of an undertaking, it’s probably taken years off my life, and the thing hasn’t even been released yet.

Expect to SUPERCHARGE your dating life!  To boost your SELF ESTEEM sky high!  Everything from never running out of things to say, to getting into a relationship.  It’s all there!

I’ll save the sales copy for the launch, I just wanted to give you a brief update.

Business Skrillz

The launch is still on pace for sometime in September, and let me tell you, with this launch, I’ve had to learn a whole new subset of business skills.

And the projected numbers I expect to get out of this baby, and the amount of effort that went into this thing, I swear, I could probably write a book on how to launch an information product, the process is so much more involved than you’d initially think.

Now on to testing the sales copy, creating video sales materials, learning how to use paid traffic to split test everything, and hopefully optimizing a few ads along the way that I’ll be using in the future for recurring sales.

A successful internet business requires a broad knowledge of all aspects of internet marketing, now diving into paid traffic, product launches, as well as my past SEO adventures and this blog, I’m super jazzed to see how this product turns out, and the next step forward for me.

Las Vegas or Bust!

I’m packing now for the big 12 day Extravaganza RSD World Summit in Las Vegas, which always results in lots of stories, new insights, and just a crazy fucking time!

It’s the only time where I get to see all of the RSD crew in one location, so it’s a pretty big deal.

With that said, I have MULTIPLE bootcamps, a 4 hour time spot in front of a few hundred person audience, and I plan to record multiple interviews with The Brigade, which is going to be part of the Monthly Membership program I’m developing.

I’m borderline overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to be done, all while trying to have a good time, haha, not hard in Vegas with friends.

But anyway, big news ahead, a big impact for your life, your game, and it’s all going to be hitting hard in the next few weeks, so stay informed!  Get on the mailing list, or check back in a week or two, and the articles will be HITTING HARD!!!!

Will Power: A New Definition and How to Harness It

Greetings peeps!

I’ve been a bit off the grid the last few weeks, though working hard, and gaining lots of new insights.

I went on a road trip across the US, and spending 60 some hours with one of my good buddies, listening to audiobooks, and discoursing about all things related to life, it was a high growth period.

That said, one of the audiobooks we popped in was a great book that my friend Mike recommended, Think Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman.

I haven’t even finished it yet, but it has a lot of great ideas related to the decision making process, and how humans come to different conclusions, definitely worth checking out…

Intuitive vs. Cognitive Decisions

With this decision making process, Kahneman explains the distinction between intuitive decisions, and cognitive ones.

The intuitive decisions we make are impulsive, quick and spur of the moment, using only intuition, as opposed to cognitive decisions which are thought out, utilizing pro con analyses, and deeper thoughts to come to the proper conclusion.

Cognitive decisions take mental effort, and in the book he gives examples such as multiplying double digit numbers together in your head (ex: 24X35) and how it takes ENERGY to compute the answer.

As with any energy intensive exercise, whether mental or physical, your body is conditioned to only handle so much, and as you spend more effort, your cognitive decision making process wains, and you fall prey to intuitive/impulsive decisions.

This is why if you are deeply immersed in studying for a final exam, you are more likely to fall to impulses of eating unhealthy food. You’ve already diverted so much effort towards studying, you have no extra cognitive energy to sum up the will power to choose the water over the sugary soda.

Will Power is a Sign of Intelligence

Kahneman directly relates someone’s ability to use this cognitive thinking process to intelligence, and with this distinction you can easily bridge the gap between your ability to make cognitive decisions in times of stress, i.e. your level of willpower, to how smart you are as a person.

And coming from the extreme self love, high self esteem camp, I’m in no inclination to admit a lack of intelligence.

So it creates another motivational reframe NOT to indulge in impulses that go against your life values.

Even if you are completely spent, working hard all day, toiling through complex business problems, or social interactions, when that time comes to order dinner, and you see the bread on the table, think to yourself…

“How stupid am I? Am I really going to admit to myself that I can’t even decide to not eat that piece of bread?”

“If I can’t even deny myself a piece of bread, how am I going to trust my faculties to approach that girl at the club later tonight, or fall prey to procrastination and rationalizations when I’m trying to make quality business decisions?”

It’s another level of synergy with self esteem, will power, and now also incorporating intellect.

Are you really going to admit your stupidity?

Sorry. You’ve read this now. You’ve swallowed the red pill. Or blue. Whatever.

When that piece of bread is in your hand, moving towards your mouth, and you KNOW it’s going to taste real good, you anticipate the emotional comfort you are about to swallow, think to yourself…

“Am I really this stupid? Am I really going to admit my stupidity?”

When that hot girl walks by, and you get a bit excited, IMMEDIATELY followed by rationalizations and fears not to take action, think to yourself…

“Am I really this stupid? Whatever excuse just popped into my head, it’s undeniable that the long term ramifications of me approaching that girl are ONLY beneficial. Let’s do this.”

Getting Punched in the Head

It’s hard making decisions in the heat of battle, let’s go back to the hot girl example.

Every guy has the experience of seeing a hot girl, wanting to approach, and then quickly making the decision not to… and then after the fact beating himself up for not doing it.

It’s because, in the heat of the moment, you have to make a quick, impulsive decision, without utilizing the full knowledge you have available.

Of course, after you think about the scenario for 5-10 minutes, cognitively weighing out the pros and cons, and realizing that there is only a benefit by approaching, you beat yourself up for not doing it.

For me the way to circumvent this from happening is by creating enough reframes so that, in the heat of the moment, I can make the right decision easier.

And if you can find blanket synergistic reframes that cover EVERY decision you make, they will constantly be reinforced.

Will power, self esteem, and intelligence are CONSTANTLY reinforced by the decisions I make, whether that be to push that last rep in the gym, to deny myself the piece of bread, to slamming through procrastination in business, to approaching that hot girl across the bar.

So stack on another reframe in your arsenal to help you make the right decision when you are mentally taxed…

“Am I really going to admit that I’m not smart enough to take action based on (insert life value)?”

And I hope it’s one more reframe to reach that tipping point, where action is inevitable.

Awesome! I’m off to Canada for a few days, then working in Chicago this weekend, followed by another NYC bootcamp in a few weeks.

These programs have just been getting better and better. It’s intern time in NYC, so that’s been sick, as well as summer time Chicago being as good as any city in the world.

So HIT ME UP and let’s get you to the next level in success with women, and LIFE!

I’m out!

Four Quick Tips to Better Public Speaking Skills

Happy Fourth of July!

I’m packing for another trip to NYC, but before I pack away the camera, I wanted to shoot off a vBlog.

I’ve been recording non-stop, and probably have about 4-5 more hours left before cataloging my entire 5 years of bootcamp curriculum.

Then off to editing all this shit up, which I actually enjoy.

Today I wanted to shoot from the hip, and continue my endeavor of becoming a better public speaker, so I decided to make a quick vid about the things I’ve learned over the last few months.

It seems there really isn’t any material out there when it comes to learning public speaking, it’s just a trial and error process until you get things right.

Here’s 4 tips that hopefully will help you out the next time you’re infront of a group, as well as their implications with game…

youTube video link

Boom!  What do ya think?  Any other suggestions for what comprises a good public speaking skillset?

NYC!  It’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna be SICK!

I’m back there again in 2 weeks, so if you’re interested, let’s party and bootcamp it up!