The Simple Technique That Helped Me Make $5000 in a Day, Never Have a Headache Again, and Truly Enjoy Every Moment of Life

About a month ago, I was in a pretty weird headspace.

I wouldn’t say it was anywhere near depression, more of a low level anxiety.

I think it was some crisis about turning 30, and where I expected to be at this age.

I feel that I’ve actually surpassed anything beyond what I ever expected, but I have VERY high standards for myself.

Through the process I’ll explain below, I figured out that these standards were creating such a high level of inner “tension,” that I wasn’t able to move forward, and I’ll explain how you can accomplish ANYTHING with ease.

Plastic Paradise

After taking almost 2 months off and partying around South America, my finances were pretty much destroyed and I was annoyed that I’d put myself in that situation again.

I’ve worked hard on cultivating a serious financial discipline, as I’ve talked in the past how I racked up $20,000 in credit card debt a few years ago, yet fully paying it off in about 2 years.

Anyway, a few years back I was on a huge eastern philosophy, spirituality, identity journey, trying to hone in on what reality is, where I fit into it, and other “universal truths.”

And at some point, I just felt like I figured it out.

I’ve come to a very existential place, where I decided that you can choose to live life however you please, find some goals, some life values, strap in, immerse yourself, and enjoy the ride.

But what I realized after doing this for a few years, is that you can get TOO immersed in those goals, thoughts stack on top of other thoughts, paradigms stack on paradigms, and you forget your foundation. You become top heavy and unbalanced.

So there I was, deeply ingrained in thought patterns about financial abundance, how to get it, how I got sloppy, not sure what to do to move forward, thought on top of thought, all mixed in with a bit of embarrassment as I thought I’d be further along at 30.

And because of all these thoughts, I was just stuck. Nothing happened.

The Moment of Truth

I’ve heard people mention The Sedona Method before, and it sounded like more spiritual woo woo type shit, and I never got around to checking it out.

But for some reason I grabbed an audio course from a friend, and listened to the intro CD.

Everything clicked.

Most of the concepts in there I’ve heard before, so I’m not saying I had some huge revelation.

But what happened was I very quickly realized I had forgotten my roots.

Standard Eastern Philosophy stuff, all you have is this moment, stop dwelling on the past, stop worrying about the future…

Just. Let. Go.


“But, I can’t let go! I have to learn from my mistakes! I need to keep moving forward with my goals! Stress!!!!”

Just. Let. Go.

“But what should I do then? It seems pretty irresponsible to just forget it all? Aren’t I just delaying the inevitable?!”

Just. Let. Go.

“ahhhh. Whooooosh.” (relax)

Haha, took a few more letting go processes than that, but you get the idea.

Cloudy Vision

The problem of getting too far from the present moment is you can’t see the direction forward.

Your vision is too clouded.

It’s where aspects of “The Secret” are actually true. The “universe” will give you what you need, you just have to chill out so you can see the patterns, and the right way to move forward.

Your mind gets in the way sometimes, your problems BECOME the problem. It’s an empty thought loop that keeps repeating itself and gets you STUCK.

Once you are able to let go, more often than not the solution “spontaneously” bubbles up into your consciousness.

I haven’t finished the Sedona course yet, but I’d say it’s worth giving a look if you haven’t.  Here is the link to the audio version again, but there are lots of books that are much cheaper that can probably give you similar insights

It’s funny how so many spiritual courses try and be a bit vague to confuse people, never giving full logical breakdowns of why something works.

I think the process of letting go, aka The Sedona Method, works is because it forces you to become conscious of all your underlying thoughts. They are there right now, you always have a semi-conscious awareness, but by meditating on them deeper, and then asking yourself to just let them go, you prove their ineffectiveness.

You fight to drop certain thoughts, certain motivations, because of the thought patterns I mentioned above. Your thoughts are supposedly there to help you, but you can’t let them take over.

And by becoming conscious of these thought loops, and proving to yourself that you can drop them with ease, their importance fades, and you feel lighter, an inner calm.

Again, this is all stuff I’ve learned before, concepts I’ve utilized in the past, I thought I was beyond this.

I know all we have is the present moment, blah blah, cool, nothing matters and I can choose my life values. I’ll decide to just get lots of money, girls, and muscles. Haha

But I had forgotten that initial epiphany, losing my bearings deep within the journey, leading to stress and frustration for the first time in years.

The Goods

Weirdly, the very next day I get 2 separate emails about business opportunities leading to nearly an extra $5000.

Synchronicity right there. Haha, no I do not think the universe just provided me with more money, but it’s so weird how things sync up.

Also, I’ve had these random headaches when I hit the gym to hard. Long story, I was rocking the squat rack too hard and got heat exhaustion a few months back. When a headache started to come on, I resisted. I got frustrated that I wasn’t able to work at full capacity.


Just. Let. Go.

“God damn it! Letting go isn’t going to change this physiological thing going on inside me! I have shit to do!”

Just. Let. Go.

“This is retarded, you actually have a problem! Should I go to the doctor? Try some advil? Is this because I take in so much caffeine? What is the probl…?!”

Just. Let. Go.

“Woah. It worked.”

So much internal turmoil, inner resistance. Making things a bigger deal than they are.

I have a new level of inner calmness.

I have all these deadlines, goals, things to move towards. And any time I forget, an inner tension starts to build.

“Ooops. Chill. Relax. Breathe. Let it go.”

“Cool. Now let’s get some shit done!”

My friends will probably laugh when I say I’m even MORE chill now, but it’s true.

Just relaxed, with a happy buzz, an enthusiasm.

It drives my motivation, as opposed to using STRESS to drive me towards my goals.

It’s just a smoother, cleaner, more sustainable glow that has me crazy excited about life and what lies ahead.

Not that any of that matters, cuz all we have is…

Right. Now.

How to Get Jacked: A Step by Step Guide to the Gym and Nutrition by My Mentor

Hey guys,

So I’ve been getting asked A LOT lately about the recent gains I’ve had in the gym, and getting swole as the kids seem to be saying these days.

For whatever reason, diet and bodybuilding advice almost always turns into ridiculously heated debates, and even though my program is working SICK for me, I didn’t feel qualified to give you advice in this arena, and wanted to get a true expert.

I badgered my good friend and fitness mentor Dubbaldown for weeks, and let me tell you, he delivered!

This guy has literally worked with everyone from Mr. Universes, NFL athletes, and even Navy Seals Teams, so truly is qualified to give you top notch advice. I follow his routine to a T, and you can see the results from my recent videos.

So below what we have is my first and probably ever guest post, and let me give a few quick insights.

I love how he gears it specifically towards bodybuilding for a physique towards aesthetics. Yes, it’s light on the legs, but who cares if you got tree trunks that you can’t see through your jeans anyway.

Fill out the shirt, get some pythons, and people will notice. If you are getting disproportionate, you are probably going to the gym enough to take the next step beyond this basic fundamental gameplan.

Oh, and the big secret is that damn thick ass bar if you want serious biceps. Check out Fatgripz IMMEDIATELY if you want bigger arms.

I also like how essentially you never go full failure in the gym. It’s more of an “always around 80%” approach, so you recover quicker, yet still build more strength every workout. Then mixing strength building and bodybuilding (the pump) to get great physical results.

And of course, making it a LIFESTYLE, not a diet. A ritualized habit, and not a quick fix tactic.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them below, he said he’d be down to answer a few of them.


How to Get Jacked by Dubbaldown

This article is designed to give you the cliff notes of muscle building and fat loss.

The information in it is the result of almost 2 decades of experience in the fitness industry learning from the best strength coaches and natural bodybuilders as well as my own training and the dozens of people I have guided along the way.

It’s not an exhaustive analysis of muscle building and fat loss techniques – its a simple “how to” guide.

If you follow this advice you can get JACKED….. FAST.

How To Start

1) Make the decision right now that being muscular and lean is something you want.

Trust me, it will change your whole life…. and girls will start to approach YOU, haha :)

2) Join a decent gym.

All it needs is some dumbbells, some barbells, some benches, a pull up bar and, ideally, a squat rack. Nothing fancy.

3) Go to that gym 4-6 times a week.

Don’t make excuses about money (there are cheap gyms everywhere) or time or how you are feeling. There are 168 hours in a week. You only need to spend 4-6 of them in the gym for great results. (Developing this consistency, like all new activities, may be hard at first but after 3-4 weeks of forcing yourself to go, you will soon find it hard NOT to go. Your mind might resist at first but it will eventually get on board).

4) When you are in the gym, work hard and follow the advice in this article.

It will work. It always does.

5) Remember that training is one part of the physique equation. Nutrition is equally important.

Does nutrition sound boring to you? Get over it. It’s part of the game and it can be more tasty and fun than eating the shit that most “normal” people cram into their mouths.

Different Goals

No doubt, some of you are a little skinnier than you would like to be, some of you are a little heavier than you would like to be and some of you are somewhere in the middle.

Well, you might be surprised to learn that, regardless of where you are now, assuming you want more muscle and less fat, the recommendations I will make for you are almost the same. The only thing that will change is the amount of carbs consumed and overall calories.

Everything else (training, types of foods, supplements, protein intake) will be the same.

Things Worth Understanding Right Off The Bat:

• Weight training is essential for everyone who wants to look better

• Cardio is not very effective for fat loss

• Fat loss is mainly caused by good nutrition and consuming less calories than you are using

• Higher carb diets are great for muscle gains but can slow, prevent or reverse fat loss

• Lower carb diets are not good for muscle gains but can be great for fat loss

• If you are a little heavy, focus on getting lean first and then building more muscle

• Protein should be high for everyone (numbers below)

• Being lean is essential for looking great even if you are not very muscular (yet)

• Big shoulders, big arms, low bodyfat and a tan are the keys to a great physique

• Your body can change very quickly if you follow the suggestions in this article

• Try not to think in terms of “dieting” and “working out”. It’s much more effective to think about creating a fitter lifestyle for the rest of your life.

How To Train For Maximum Muscle And Minimum BodyFat

In training terms, muscle gain is about 2 things:

(a) getting stronger in the 6-15 rep range

(b) “pumping” the muscle.

You know what getting stronger means, but “pumping” the muscle mean exercising to fill it with as much blood as possible so that you can see and feel it getting bigger right there and then in the gym.

Some exercises and rep ranges make you strong.

Some exercises and rep ranges give you “the pump.”

Both are required for rapid and significant muscle gain (and both are contained in the training program below).

How To Eat For Maximum Muscle And Minimum Fat

Guidelines for everyone, regardless of where you are now:

• Eat lots of protein throughout the day. 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight is the minimum. If you weigh 180lbs, you need to be consuming 270g of protein a day for maximum muscle gain

• Eat SOME “clean” carbs at breakfast and after training. “Clean” carbs means oatmeal, whole grain rice or yams

• Eat as many green vegetables as you can

If your biggest priority is to drop some bodyfat, your diet should:

(a) Focus on lean protein sources like chicken, turkey, lean cuts of beef and egg whites

(b) Be very low in carbs (have some oatmeal or wholegrain rice at breakfast and immediately after training but almost no carbs at other times)

(c) Contain about 30% healthy fats

(d) Ensure that you are eating 500 less calories every day than your body is using

If your biggest priority is to pack on some muscle, your diet should:

(a) Focus on red meat and whole eggs

(b) Contain some “clean” carbs (oats, wholegrain rice or yams at every meal)

(c) Contains about 20% healthy fats

(d) Ensure that you are getting 500 more calories every day than your body is using

If you are somewhere in the middle, your diet should, be in the middle of these two. Be sure to weigh yourself once a week (always the same day) immediately on waking to monitor progress. Adjust your calories and carbs up or down depending on your goals and whether or not you are making progress.

Here’s What A Typical Day Of Training and Eating Looks Like For Me

7:00 am – wake
7:15 am – whey protein shake and black coffee
7:45 am – heavy weight training for 60 mins
8:45 am – finish training and drink another whey shake plus eat 3 rice cakes
9:15 am – breakfast – 6 eggs whites and 2 whole eggs on 3 slices of rye bread
9:20 am – 30 min nap in the Sun (great for recovery after training if your lifestyle allows)
12:00 noon lunch – chicken salad with 2 chicken breasts
3:00 pm – chicken salad with 2 chicken breast
6:00 pm – whey protein shake
9:00 pm – steak with vegetables

A Solid Training Program That Everyone Seems To Grow One (Google the exercise name for proper technique)

Day 1 – Shoulders

Barbell Behind-The-Neck Presses - 3 sets of 6-10 reps plus one set of 15 reps (start with a weight you can just about lift for 6 reps and then try to get more each time you train shoulders. When you can get 10 reps or more with that weight, increase the weight by approx 3% and start again at 6 reps. The goal is to be a little stronger every time you train).

Dumbbell Lateral Raises - 3 sets of 12 reps (move the dumbbells quite quickly – 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down) and concentrate of squeezing your deltoid muscle and filling them with as much blood as possible

Bent Over Lateral Raises – 3 sets of 12 (move the dumbbells quite quickly – 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down) and concentrate of squeezing your deltoid muscle and filling them with as much blood as possible

Day 2 – Back

Shrugs – 3 sets of 6-10 reps plus one set of 15 reps (start with a weight you can just lift for 6 reps and then try to get more the next time you train back. When you get 10 reps or more, increase the weight by approx 3% and start again at 6 reps. The goal is to be a little stronger every time you train)

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows – 3 sets of 6-10 reps plus one set of 15 reps (start with a weight you can just lift for 6 reps and then try to get more the next time you train back. When you get 10 reps or more, increase the weight by approx 3% and start again at 6 reps. The goal is to be a little stronger every time you train)

Lat Pull Downs – 3 sets of 6-10 reps plus one set of 15 reps (start with a weight you can just about lift for 6 reps and then try to get more the next time you train back. When you get 10 reps or more, increase the weight by approx 3% and start again at 6 reps. The goal is to be a little stronger every time you train)

Squats – 3 sets of 12 (2 seconds up and 2 seconds down – go down to where the top of your quads are parallel with the floor) and concentrate of squeezing your thigh (quad) muscles and filling them with as much blood as possible

Day 3 – Chest

Low Incline Barbell Bench Press – 3 sets of 6-10 reps plus one set of 15 reps (start witha weight you can just about lift for 6 reps and then try to get more the next time you train chest and then more the time after until you get 10 reps with that weight. When you get 10 reps or more, increase the weight by approx 3% and start again at 6 reps. The goal is to be a little stronger every time you train) plus one set of 15 reps

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press – 3 sets of 12 (move the dumbbells quite quickly 2 seconds upand 2 seconds down) and concentrate of squeezing your pecs at the top, stretching them at the bottom and filling them with as much blood as possible

Pec Dec – 3 sets of 12 (2 seconds up and 2 seconds down) and concentrate of squeezing your pecs at the contraction, stretching them at the extension and filling them with as much blood as possible

Day 4 – Arms

Barbell Curls – 3 sets of 6-10 reps plus one set of 15 reps (start with a weight you can just about lift for 6 reps and then try to get more the next time you train chest and then more the time after until you get 10 reps with that weight. When you get 10 reps or more, increase the weight by approx 3% and start again at 6 reps. The goal is to be a little stronger every time you train)

Incline Dumbbell Curls – 3 sets of 12 (2 seconds up and 2 seconds down) and concentrate of squeezing your biceps at the contraction, stretching them at the extension and filling them with as much blood as possible

Standing EZ Bar Curls – 3 sets of 12 (2 seconds up and 2 seconds down) and concentrate of squeezing your biceps at the contraction, stretching them at the extension and filling them with as much blood as possible

Weighted Dips – 3 sets of 6-10 reps plus one set of 15 reps (start with a weight you can just about lift for 6 reps and then try to get more the next time you train arms and then more the time after until you get 10 reps with that weight. When you get 10 reps or more, increase the weight by approx 3% and start again at 6 reps. The goal is to be a little stronger every time you train)

Cable Press-downs – 3 sets of 12 (2 seconds up and 2 seconds down) and concentrate of squeezing your triceps at the contraction, keeping the tension on them and filling them with as much blood as possible

Wrist Extensions (forearms supported on a becnch or Scott curl bench) – 3 sets of 12 (2 seconds up and 2 seconds down) and concentrate of squeezing your forearm muscles at the contraction, stretching them at the extension and filling them with as much blood as possible

Day 5 – rest

Day 6 – repeat (always trying to beat previous performance)

This program works really well for everyone I’ve used it with.

Additional Pointers

• Warm up carefully for EACH EXERCISE. Do a few light sets of each exercise before getting into the “work” sets.

• Try to eat organic food wherever possible – it really does make a difference

• You only need 3 supplements: (a) whey protein (b) creatine (c) fish oil. When you buy your whey make sure it is organic, has no artificial sweeteners and is made from cows that eat only grass (trust me, this type of whey is far superior for muscle gains). I personally use Protein 17 because it meets all of those criteria and is one of the only protein powders which isn’t made in China. When you buy creatine, just get the basic creatine monohydrate WITHOUT any added ingredients. I personally use Prolab creatine but any standard creatine is fine. Take 10g per day. When you buy a fish oil, look for one which guarantees that it does not contain any heavy metals. Carlsons is a good brand and is available in most places.

• Use a thick bar and thick- handled dumbbells whenever possible. These are simply barbells and dumbbells which are thicker than the standard one inch diameter. Using thick bars will make a MASSIVE difference in your muscle gains, especially in your arms. Most gyms won’t buy thick barbells and dumbbells because they are expensive so grab yourself a pair of Fat Gripz from They are cheap and are the best training tool you can invest in for muscle gains

• Get plenty of sleep BUT have some protein just before and just after so that your body has a constant supply of protein for re-building

• Limit alcohol. Alcohol in moderation (5 drinks per week) will not kill your muscle gains but take it easy. Try to stick to “cleaner” drinks like wine or vodka with soda.

Like is said, I am just giving you the meaty information that you need and leaving the rest out. If you have questions, leave a comment below and I will try to answer them for you.

I hope you found this useful. Getting lean and muscular is a very rewarding journey.

Follow the above advice, be consistent, train hard and you will soon be looking at a leaner, more muscular body in the mirror.

What is a Success Barrier and How to BREAK THROUGH

I’ve been in a super productive mode the last 36 hours, and wanted to pound out a blog post here quick.

But, I had no clue what to write about.

I actually had a really huge insight the past week. Doesn’t even sound like a big deal, but for me it might be life changing.

I was starting to worry that I had some sort of weird success barrier to financial success. I just tread water in the same place.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my lifestyle, but I had this weird feeling that I was subconsciously holding myself back from the next level.

A constant pattern that people with success barriers have is they always make it 80% of the way.

They have a great idea, start the project, work their asses off, and then…

Like clockwork…

Something external gets in the way, and they never reach the finish line.

I feel like I’ve been here hundreds of times before.

The insight I had came from talking to a friend about this dilemma, and he explained how these problems affect his industry.

The gist of what he said was that he is ALWAYS dependent on some outside factor, whether it be the customer, and not knowing if they are going to like or dislike the product.

Then there are the distributors, who might ship the product late, or call in sick, or send something to the wrong location.

There are always external forces that he has to navigate through.

What is the solution?

You have to work your ass off, and when the customer decides to buy, and the lazy distributor comes to you looking for more widgets, you hopefully are prepared and have what they need.

That’s all that matters, not the fact that he hasn’t returned your calls for the last 2 months, or the trends have changed, when someone comes, you have to be prepared.

I realized my hurdles and worries were stopping me from doing what I needed to do.

I was too busy trying to strategize, or brainstorm how I’d overcome hurdles, instead of just doing what needed to be done.

Have the product ready, have the funnel in place, and get shit done instead of:


A big lesson Branden preaches is, “Nobody is coming to save you.”

You are all alone in this world, and if you want success or to get anything done, YOU control the yoke of the universe.

How about some luck quotes:

“Chance favors the prepared mind.“ – Louis Pasteur

“The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.“ – Harry Golden

“If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can’t, you’re right.“ – Henry Ford

“Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.“ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now get to work, and become successful with me. :)

I am a Delusional Workaholic

Alright, so this is another one of those “half in jest/half shine a light on your foibles” type of posts.

I’ve always followed the 5 Friends Rule, and I’m constantly surrounded by super successful people. It definitely pushes me to reach my potential, yet at the same time, I’m always the least financially well off compared to everyone I hang out with.

Haha, I guess I have other areas of expertise to offer, but it annoys me at times. I know I’m intelligent enough to be as successful as any other dude out there, offer more value, resulting in more money, and I work my damn ass off!

Or do I?

I feel like I’m constantly busy, with never any free time, and I’m always trying to stay productive.

Hit the gym, reading books, and making sure to keep on top of all the latest instructor articles and…

Oh, hold on a second. I’m pretty sure most of you guys do that to. AND HAVE REAL JOBS.

It’s a weird by product of the extreme self love mindset, in that in most situations, this mindset is highly beneficial, but when it comes down to pragmatism and getting shit done, I can see how it’s gotten in MY way, as well as distorted many guys perspective of what they’ve actually accomplished in life.

Shining the mirror on myself, I FEEL like I’m always working hard, but when opportunities come up to move in other career directions, usually involving heading back into the 9-to-5 world, or moving to Nebraska for a few years, even though I’ve had opportunities to TRIPLE my yearly income, I don’t even think twice about turning them down.

I love this job too much. And the lifestyle I live, the ability to constantly be growing and move towards the things I’m inspired about is worth more than almost any price.

Well, they say one of the main reasons new business owners fail is because they start a business THEY WANT TO, as opposed to looking for a competitive advantage in the market place, or a specific need that a potential customer needs.

When you do what you LOVE, don’t expect to make serious cash doing it. That’s why teachers, or personal trainers aren’t rolling in the big leagues, because everyone wants to do it, so they’re willing to work at a discount.

Time to Shine the Light On YOU!

That’s just my weird delusional life, yet I see this all the time. Especially with guys that run their own businesses, and think they are working all day every day.

Is trolling forums/blogs really that productive? Sure, I can spread my brand by answering a few questions, but I’d probably accomplish more working on my email autoresponder, and sending an email off to hundreds of subscribers, compared to the 30 guys that will see that thread.

Or scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook to “see what the competitors are up to,” instead of finally fixing that opt in box at the bottom of every post for Chrome users. Yeah, finally fixed that one dudes! (Please hit me up if you see any other problems that need fixing on the site.)

I’ve noticed how easy it is to rationalize low priority tasks into relevant and “important job related” tasks, and when I let this organically happen, I never get around to the really important, bang for your buck activities that are going to impact the bottom line.

So I’m starting to track EVERYTHING I do in a day, from when I take a shower, to how long it takes me to cook lunch. See where this time really goes.

I’ve only started this week, so it will be interesting to see where the majority of my free time actually goes, and how I’m delusionally thinking certain activities are “productive.”

Then the next goal is to create a to do list each day, and prioritizing, not on what I’m inspired to do, but first what NEEDS to be done to get the ball rolling for bigger, more long term projects.

Where in your life are you hiding behind rationalizations where you think you are productive, but in actuality, you’re just putting off the real important things?

Would you benefit from getting dirty in the details and actually writing down your activities minute to minute and see where your time is spent?

You might find ways to drastically increase your productivity. Or finally start that project always on the back burner. It could be related to work, it could be your diet, or it could be that you “need to get your finances handled before you start hitting up girls hard,” it’s all a comfort zone thing from another angle, and usually when you put it to paper, it puts things in perspective.


How to Increase Your Confidence by 300%

Boom!  Another busy week, increasing my workload, but also hitting the gym like a BOSS.

Last night I stayed up until 6AM watching Pumping Iron by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He’s the fucking man in that movie.  Totally worth checking out if you want to see someone with 100% belief, and at the top of their game.

So I had another realization over the past few days…  My confidence just sky rocketed to another level!

But the confidence is only indirectly related to the slow change in my physique, it’s more about the ACTION I’ve been taking in the gym.

Each repetition, each inch of movement, I’m thinking about taking action. I’m thinking about MONEY. I’m thinking about pain, will power, pushing myself, and BLASTING through my comfort zone.

Working Out is the Originally Self Development

At the end of every session, you WILL be healthier, your physique will change for the better and you grow stronger.

I’ve been working on my abs for the past few weeks, and I think this was what pushed me over the edge and into obsession in the gym.  It’s not that I’m vain and need to get huge muscles to feel a sense of worth, I do it because I can.

Like Arnold mentions in Pumping Iron, when I look at my body, I look at it through the eyes of a sculptor, and what needs work is what I hit up the next session at the gym. (Check out the pic below to see a work in progress… Abs just starting to pop. :D )

But I didn’t realize how intense it is to get this damn 6 pack, it takes full commitment, the same level of commitment I’ve put towards the other areas of my life.

I’ve done that before.

So I’ve gone full immersion style, and just get fucking JAZZED at the gym.

I want to go everyday.  I’ve hit that point where I just feel so good while I’m working out. Not even because of the “runner’s high” or the pumped feeling, it’s a full on self development session.

It’s like the movie The Secret, and their visualization exercises on STEROIDS.  (I don’t take steroids ok, that would be stupid.)

But as I’m hitting that last rep or 2, and my whole body is about to shut down, I start picturing that gorgeous girl that I’ve been afraid to approach, that same pain/fear that holds every guy from approaching, and how…  Here it is…  Pain in every part of my body, and I’m pushing through it!

I think about driving that Ferrari, the frustration and doubt that comes from building a business, and know that IN THIS MOMENT I am proving to myself I can handle any type of adversity, whether it be bankruptcy, or the 300 lbs. of iron pulling down on my legs.

I look at myself in the mirror, and I see what needs work.  I head to forums and find the best exercises to sculpt that muscle.  I check out youTube to do the exercises properly.

(I”m currently having a tough time pumping up my upper chest, gonna try out this chest workout today, we’ll see how that goes.)

Action Plan

For those of you guys on the low end of the spectrum, who haven’t been to the gym in years and scarily sit at 25%+ body fat, remember this is like ANYTHING else.

If you look at Arnold, and think “I’ll never get there!” you are looking way too far ahead of yourself.  And on a side note, I don’t think many people ever want to get to that level, there are some fucked up looking dudes in that movie that you can tell are fully steroided out.

What can you start focusing on and change today?

Start cutting carbs, and start building will power.

That same energy and focus it takes to deny yourself from ordering a pizza, is the same muscle you use to approach a girl in the club, which is the same muscle that pushes you through that last repetition in the gym.

It’s all synergistic, and it all starts with that first choice.  Check out The Primal Blueprint, start going to the gym once/twice a week.  Start seeing some results and the ball of motivation will start rolling.

Also a few dudes asked about my ab routine, and lately it’s been a mixture of:

Planks – 90 seconds, 80 seconds, 60 seconds
Oblique Twists – 4 sets of 20 with a 10 lb. weight
Cable Crunches – 4 sets of 40 with about 50 lbs.
Decline Bench Crunches – 2 sets of 20, 2 sets of 15
Squats – 3 sets of 5 max weight, 3 sets of 10 max weight with 30-60 sec rest period.

I time myself in between sets as well, and keep it between 60 seconds for all exercises, except squats which is a 180 sec rest between sets.

What Does it Mean to Be “Icey?”

My workload just stepped up another notch, but I’m not too worried, it’s seems like I can just spew out articles like there is no tomorrow.

What I want to do today is talk about what it means to be “icey,” and how you can develop it.

The best way I can illustrate this is through a video from Arnold Schrwarzenegger himself.

Check out how when the egg hits him, he literally DOES NOT FLINCH.

He’s almost stoked by it, giving him an opportunity to take off his jacket and show off the guns.

Check it!

Where did Icey originate?

It’s based off Iceberg Slim’s book PIMP, where he got the nickname I think because he was doing speedballs of heroine and cocaine, and when a stray bullet went by, shooting off his hat, he didn’t even flinch and some other pimp was like, “Damn!!! You so icey! I be callin’ you Iceberg Slim!”

And so it began.

Another example I like to use is Don Draper from Madmen. The quixotic, stoic, masculine archetype of an unemotional dude who can handle any situation, and gets shit done.

Love that show, purely to reinforce the extreme unreactiveness. (and a bit for the 1950’s misogynism, not gonna lie)

How do I Become More Icey?

It takes extreme control over your emotions, and looking at things as objectively as possible.

For the control of your emotions part, I’ve said countless times how negative emotions arise when your life situation jives with your value structures. But as you cultivate higher and higher levels of consciousness, you realize that all of life is a joke, and you are just wearing some costume, and any sort of emotional response becomes laughable, pointing to you taking life too seriously.

Emotional anchors are just arbitrary meanings you place onto completely random events or objects in your life.

The more you can objectively view life, the less you get emotional about ANYTHING.

This leads to an interesting point about relationships and the process of breaking up.

Sometimes the breakup is super easy, sometimes it’s gut wrenchingly hard, no matter how conscious you are.

The reason the hard ones are so emotional is that you tie so many emotional anchors to the relationship. These are stereotypically the type of relationships where you fight a lot, break up, get back together, and repeat the pattern over and over until the final break up, which REALLY SUCKS.

Then EVERYTHING reminds you of her.

As you start to get over the relationship, the attrition of psychological anchors takes time. Most people let it unconsciously happen, but weird self help junkies like myself consciously analyze each anchor as the emotion arises, one by one, and try to objectively reframe things in a way that it no longer creates a negative reaction.

I remember back to my last serious break up, I’d look at stupid stuff like a TREE, and think:

“Oh, I remember that one time when we walked passed a tree.”

Like what the fuck?!

You start filtering EVERYTHING through the experiences you had, and EVERYTHING creates an emotional response.

Then one day you look at that tree and it no longer has any meaning, it’s just a tree.

A similar thing happens when you approach a girl. You go out, start getting rejected, and IT HURTS.

But once you do it a few times, you no longer view rejection as something that affects your identity, or who you are. You no longer have any sort of emotional response to it.

As you get better, you start dealing with her freaking out, or some dude trying to take your girl, or someone PUKING ON YOU, and still maintaining your cool.

Getting good at this mostly just takes time, and living life. Man, you go through bankruptcy, get divorced, or travel the world, and very little gets you emotional.

You deal with it level headed, calmly, and get shit done.

Push through procrastination, push through the sad little story of your past, push through limiting beliefs, and push outside your comfort zone.

Things get in your way, things fuck up, and you deal with the punches and keep moving forward. Or look to learn and try a new direction.

But you don’t dwell in sadness like a weak little child. Get over your sad self and man up.

Get back in the game and live life.

Alright, time for my daily ab workout and a protein maca fruit smoothie…

Have a good weekend everyone. :)

Growth is Granular: The Secret to Success

Free flow here.  I’m in the middle of an intense coding session, but wanted to make sure to get this out for Thursday.

It’s a little more raw than normal, but I don’t want to change the vibe and edit it up too much.

Look at it as a random peering into my mind.  Heh.

I’ve been working for the last week or two on this here blog, tweaking headers, changing email opt ins, coding in the background…

Can you tell?!

I didn’t think so.

If there is anything I’ve noticed about success, is that it’s so granular, everything is SMALL.

Over the last 6 months my health has become my number one priority, probably the first time ever.

I’ve been gaining muscle mass pretty nicely, keeping lean while still gaining mass and eating a fairly paleo diet.

But I got to the point where I really want to have a six pack for once in my life, and GOD DAMN IT, this is way harder than I expected.

I’ve gone FULL paleo/primal the last week or so.  No cheat meals, ZERO non-veggie carbs, no snacks whatsoever other than frozen berries, and a nibble of dark chocolate to keep me sane.

That didn’t do it.

I’d already cut my alcohol consumption to a TENTH of what it was the last few years, but realized if I wanted to hit the next ab level I’d have to cut beer out entirely, since it’s estrogen producing side effects aren’t gonna help cut the beer gut.

Still, I can only see small incremental differences, but this is not the ZyZZ abs I want.

So now I’ve started to fast for 16 hours a day to try and stay in fat burning mode as long as possible, we’ll see what happens.  It’s been super weird because the club culture here in Buenos Aires starts at 2AM, and goes til about 7:30 in the morning

So for me to fast properly, I have to stop eating at midnight, and then only drink water for the next 7-8 hours before crashing out and waking up at 4PM.

Shit is cray.


Like I said before, I’m hitting my blog hard with lots of updates as I prepare for a product launch in the next few months.

I’ve been putting it off for so long because I knew the work that was going to go into this, holy shit, it’s never ending.

But I’ve just been taking a granular process to the whole thing.

A few hours a day, tweak the high traffic pages, organize the testimonials, decrease bounce rates, increase time on site, cut the header in half, etc. etc.

It doesn’t FEEL like I’ve done anything, yet it’s been a week or 2 of constant effort to add that 1%.

One percent here, one percent there, it’s all STARTING to come together, and I can’t wait until everything is a fine tuned machine of awesomeness and I can chill back for a while.  (Not that I have much stress here in Buenos Aires anyway, heh)

It’s almost a new version of the old Mastery curve by George Leonard.

He says growth doesn’t happen in a smooth line, you usually develop skills in a stair step like process.

I always used to think this was because of trial and error.  You try something, it doesn’t work.  You try ONE HUNDRED more things, until ultimately there is a breakthrough.

There is another side of this stair step as well, where you just don’t see the growth until some landmark event, or you juxtapose yourself compared to some older situation in your past and see how far you’ve come.

That’s why the ready, FIRE, aim approach works so well.

Just get started, and sculpt it, whether it be your game, your attitude, your business, or your health, as time goes by.

Then one day you look back and realize how far you’ve come.

Heading Home

I’m super excited to get back home next week and see the family for the first time in 4 months.  It’s been a long time away from the US.

It’s always interesting to see how I fit back in with my family and friends after living in the “slippery slope of self development” for so long.

I feel like I age 40 years every 40 days.  My perspective of the world and my place in it changes DAILY, and then I get back, and wonder if anyone notices that I’m different.

I feel totally different, yet no one ever says anything.  Am I?

Maybe it’s because I don’t talk crazy self help shit with my friends and family from home, I’m just excited to be around them for a little while.

Maybe I’m just completely full of myself and think I’m the only one pushing myself, growing, and constantly “leaning into my edge” as David Deida would call it.

But I don’t care about sports, TV, gossip, politics, my neighbors problems, or ANYONE’S problems for that matter.

I’m too busy living.

Too busy creating stories.

One.  Step.  At a time.

Damn I’m hungry.  And fried from staring at a computer screen for the last 8 hours.

Matt and Alex went out again, I’m staying in…

Pass out, windows open, close the blinds, sleep in sheets, summer time in Chicago.

Life is good.

The Emergence of Wadu: Stop Being so Cool

This will probably end up being some epic post in a few months, but I wanted to get the basic principle down and flesh things out a bit.

I’ve been on a serious self development kick which has had me analyzing countless experiences through out my past.

One of those is my relationship with my parents.

From talking with friends and clients, I’ve realized that I’ve had a better upbringing than most.  My parents loved me, supported me, and I can’t remember the last time we’ve fought or had a conflict.

But I wanted to dive deeper into my early years to see how my personality was sculpted in those formative years, and see if I could get even more juice out of life.

Be Cool Dude

They say you are closer to one parent than the other, and many aspects of your personality are molded in a way to get more love, attention, and connection with that parent.

For me, I was definitely closer to my dad, and the personality trait that I cultivated to get more love and attention from him was becoming “the cool kid.”

His life is heavily influenced by how our family is viewed by others, comparing how successful he was to his friends in business, as well as how successful I appeared compared to my friends and classmates.

I know it was out of love, completely unconscious for him, and who knows I might even be misinterpreting those early years, but what I did realize is that this inclination cultivated my personality to become someone who always said the right thing, a social climber wearing trendy clothes, and joining all the “cool” clubs and sports.

It’s the old bromide “caring what other people think of you/identifying yourself based on other peoples opinions,” and I almost feel like this post is covering super old redundant concepts.

But it’s totally different when you get to the SOURCE of where it all started.  It’s not blaming “social conditioning” for my actions, not blaming anything, just recognizing WHY I chose specific personality traits, and with that knowledge how I can change things to get more fulfillment and happiness out of life.

Change Your Values

What I recognized was that I filtered everything through “is this cool?”

I wouldn’t allow myself to do certain things because I didn’t deem them socially calibrated.

I’d see guys dancing all weird and call it try hard, or see guys approaching too much and say they looked like douches.

But by always holding back, maintaining the James Bond coolness, I wasn’t taking as many risks, and I wasn’t allowed to fail.

So with this new found realization, I started to brainstorm ways to push out of this “cool guy” filter.

At first I thought of going to extreme measures, fully to the other end of the spectrum, “Not giving a fuck what other people say!  FUCK IT!”

But that’s just as reactionary as what I was already doing.

When I really thought about it, what I realized was that I was stifling my ability to have fun because it was through the filter of acting cool.

So I just switched the values.

Most people are afraid to remove their primary personality because that trait has literally been running their life for YEARS.

And it’s gotten them this far, why risk everything?!

I love my life, and consider myself quite successful, but there is always another level, should I risk my primary personality to try to get an added 1% increase to my life?

Well it’s not really a 1% increase, I was actually suppressing HUGE parts of myself.  I wasn’t allowing the fun, joyful, passionate side through because sometimes that side of my personality was not deemed “cool.”

The decision I made was to switch “being cool,” and make my first priority having fun.

The Emergence of Wadu

I call the party boy, the fun, outgoing, slightly crazy, dancing queen, Wadu.

And shit has been crazy fun lately man.

I’m sure Wadu has surfaced before during drunken adventures, or in an environment where acting crazy is socially acceptable, but now with fun as my primary filter, everything has changed.

I didn’t get rid of the cool guy persona, it’s completely still there, but that is filtered through having fun now, as opposed to the other way around.

Whereas in the past, if I saw a girl surrounded by dudes, the “cool guy” persona wouldn’t take the risk of failure or coming across not cool, but Wadu is just having fun so whether it goes well or if the chick freaks out doesn’t matter, both results are fun.

It’s much easier to get in the social flow at the beginning of the night because I’m pumping my state through out the day.

Humping poles, doing weird dance moves, singing in the streets, fully try hard dude.

Ooops, that’s the old me coming through, haha.

Misinterpretation Warning

Now this doesn’t give all you guys free reign to be weird ass clowns in the club, this was my own personality tweak that helped me out tremendously.

It might be something completely different for you.

Look at your personality and how each aspect of it was cultivated to get more love and attention from those closest to you in those formative years.  Did you become the achiever, the pleaser, the lover?

There is no reason to stop those behaviors, as they got you to where you are today, but to fully feel fulfilled, happy, and full of joy, make sure you aren’t suppressing the opposite behaviors, and if you are, find ways to incorporate those aspects of yourself into your identity as well.

Make sense?

Hit me up with questions in the comment section as I’m just starting to flesh out this idea and would really like your feedback or examples from your own life.