Blog Makeover! Bi-Weekly Consistent Posts!

What up guys!

So the brigade has settled into our apartment here in Buenos Aires, which is a sick flat covering the entire third floor in the Palermo district of BA.

This city has been even better than expect.  The girls are amazing, the food is spectacular, and things are fairly cheap compared to Brazil and Europe.

I’ve really started to grind down into creating a sales funnel/front end lead product for the Brad Branson Brand, and as I’m fully immersed in the details, and long winded writing, I haven’t really felt the desire to completely disengage from that headspace to post up the long extended articles that have dominated this blog over the last year or so.

But I want to ramp up traffic and make sure people are checking the site regularly, as well as offering little gold nuggets that I end up cutting out of the product.

The first 3 months of 2012 have been incredibly formative leading into me turning 30 this year, and I’m incredibly excited and grateful to enter my thirties at such a high caliber in regards to my level of health, fulfillment, consciousness, and success in life.

What This Means For You!

I’ve been consistently posting about once a week for the past year, but want to get back to more regular posting, similar to what got this blog rocking back at it’s inception.

My goal will be to post EVERY TUESDAY AND THURSDAY, so check back often and expect lots of cool little game nuggets a few times a week.

Let’s get it going!  See ya tomorrow!

The Legacy of the Mane Ends: Rationalized Procrastination

New look for the new year I guess.

I posted this pic on my personal facebook wall and everyone started freaking out, thinking I was going off the deep end.

Well, they’re kind of right.

I’ve been going through a crazy week or two of transformation.  Between rereading The Six Pillars of Self Esteem, starting this super long Tony Robbins training seminar, and nearing my 30th birthday, my outlook on life and certain habits have started to change.

I’ve got 2 new videos on the topic rendering at the moment, so I’m not going to go too deep into WHY I shaved my head, I’ll save that for next week.  Just suffice it to say that I’ve been growing my hair out for the better part of 2 years, and with new goals and creating new habits, it’s quite an easy memory device every time I look in the mirror, and also the lack of me being able to elegantly comb through my flowing mane, create a constant reminder to stay on track.

I had this weird anxiety as I was doing it too, so weird.  Even more the reason for it to go, don’t want to depend on the mane for situational confidence.

Anyway, I thought I’d give a quick tip on dealing with procrastination and how it relates to business and your health.  I’ll save the brain melting article for next week, coming at you from Brazil!!!

Business First- Rationalized Procrastination

I’ve mentioned a few times here about my internet empire finally shaping up nicely.  It ended up being about a 6 month set back, but I’m on track to be back where I was before the set back next month, and then projected to be rocking again by my 30th birthday this May.

A few of the brigade are heading to Argentina after the South America bootcamp tour, and we are going to spend the month of April there purely working on business stuff, heading to the beach everyday, and eating grass fed beef 6 times a week.

That’s gonna be SWEET!

For me, most my time will be spent on The Book, which I’ll explain in a minute.  But first I want to illustrate one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned recently, making the decision between enthusiasm, and being pragmatic.

I’m Jazzed About THIS!

There is always something you WANT to do, which is usually different than the thing that will get you what you want TODAY.

I’ve noticed that I always have more enthusiasm towards new projects, working on new ideas/sites/concepts that will be big in the future.  Yet there are more mundane things right in front of me, where if I just sit down and optimize a few boring pages, tweak some code, I’ll make money immediately, compared to in 3 months.

So I’ve really started to organize my day around what I need to do NOW that will give me a quicker return, compared to just doing what I am most jazzed about.

An example:

I’m starting to write a super long e-book for RSD where it breaks down an entire interaction, and through the process, teaches someone how to meet, attract, and date random woman that they just met.  Each chapter will be one aspect of the interaction, broken down into 3 explanations, beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

It’s going to be sick, I’m jazzed to get started on it, and excited about the possibilities.

But at the same time, I have all these receipts that I need to compile for reimbursements that expire after 30 days.

So instead of just sitting down, and doing the boring receipt bullshit, I work on the book, and am losing $40-50 a day because random train receipts from Stockholm are expiring.

Ehhh, I’m even writing this blog post instead of doing those damn receipts.  Heh.

Same thing happens in my internet biz.

I’m stoked to build out new sites, as opposed to looking deeper and testing old sites that already have traffic.

If they have traffic, I can monetize them better, as opposed to constantly thinking about building traffic to new sites, and thinking of new ideas.

It’s like a subtle procrastination, rationalizing to yourself that you at least are working, but it’s on the wrong thing.

Where in your life are you rationalizing not doing something to hide procrastination?

It doesn’t need to be work related.

Maybe you are busy reading and working, but not hitting the gym because you don’t think you have the time.  While if you added up the full time you spent on Facebook and CNNMoney, (oops that’s me) you could easily fit in the 45-60 minutes needed for a proper work out.

Organize Your Life

Guys ask me all the time about time management, how to fit in going out, working out, working your job, and still having time to read and do everything else.

I think this is one of the biggest pieces, not deluding yourself on what is important and how long something will take.

It reminds me of what Jeffy said way back in the Jeffy Show.  How we over emphasize how much work and time something will take.

He uses the example of going to the club.

You think about taking a shower, getting ready, finding parking, getting in the club, etc.

The better mentality is to realize that if it’s the next top priority for the day, just do it!

Don’t worry about the line at the gym, or walking through the snow to get there.  Just do it!

And realize that organizing your damn receipts, as boring as it is, will take you all of 90 minutes to do, and you’ve lost $100-200 dollars by putting it off.

Ahhh!!!  Alright, I’m off to do my reimbursements.

What are you hiding from?  Procrastinating doing in your life?

Time to step up and JUST DO IT!

Like I said before, I had a major break through self development wise this past week and I have a few videos and a FULL article on it for you next week, so check back, and enjoy the weekend!

CLOSED: Internship Opportunity: Would You Like Hang with Me and Learn How I Run My Internet Businesses?!

I’m traveling on the ferry from Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn, Estonia, and the Wifi seems to be cutting in and out.

These first few weeks I’ve been in Europe have been fantastic.

I have a few videos being edited at the moment explaining the new realizations I’ve had, but I have something bigger to announce today.

My work load is getting crazy, and I’ve realized I am micromanaging too much, and have decided to take on a new “assistant/intern/brigade member.”

This is unlike other assistant/intern opportunities of the past, as your official role in this new position will be “social media strategist.”

What you will get from becoming my new intern:

The ability to ask me ANY questions.

Getting the first exposure to new lifestyle and self development concepts through helping edit and develop new material for this site, future videos, and projects.

An open book into my entire “Brad Branson” brand, how I’m planning to scale the business, as well as all the traffic generating, revenue generating techniques I’ve used to create the brand.

The ability to attend ANY of my programs as an assistant, which results in thousands of dollars of free training.

Learn the EXACT outsourcers I have been testing for over a year to build traffic to my other online websites, literally THOUSANDS of unique visitors every single day.

The interview process will be very thorough, as this intern will have full access to everything from my facebook, email, twitter, youtube, backend of, and RSDN profiles.

This position will mostly be monitoring the 10-12 different streams of contact I have with customers, clients, and fans, filtering leads, answering questions, and helping me strategize new techniques to increase the Brad Branson brand visibility through social media.

Therefore, anyone with any experience in social media, online marketing, or similar skills that you think would make you a good candidate, as well as photoshop, illustrator, html, scripting, video editing, or any other skills related to internet marketing will also make you a highly attractive candidate, but not by any means necessary.

Prior students and people I’ve met in person also have priority, but either way, there will be a full skype interview and a tough screening process.

If you are interested, please send a minimum of one page application stating why you would like to apply for the position, along with any relevant skills along with skype ID, and email address to:

I look forward to our partnership. Rock and roll!

One Million Hits, More Articles, Computer Programming, and Random Thoughts

I’ve been staring at files and my freshly purchased UBot software screen for the last 8 hours, and I think it’s time for a break.

I haven’t written an update on my own lifestyle for a while, so I thought I’d spin this bad boy out to give you a view of my life and what’s to come on the blog.

For the first time EVER recently I’ve been staying out of the clubs, working out, and getting shit done.

For a while there things were starting to feel like an eternal Ground Hog’s Day, where it was just the same thing over and over again. I didn’t know why I was even going out.

It just felt like I was “living up to the legend” of my former self. There was no spark to talk to anyone, and I ended up just falling into bad habits of drinking and letting shit just kind of randomly happen every so often.

I still have most of the month of December off as well, as I’ve set aside a lot of time to work on various business ventures, but as a respite, tomorrow I’m…

HEADING TO VEGAS! (this song just makes me wanna code some )


So I’m loading up my new 24” Briggs and Riley black on black luggage (so sick) and getting ready for 5 nights of mayhem at the Cosmopolitan.

Now I do have some business to do during the day, and as business goes, my entrepreneurial adventures have been full of ups and downs.

I was starting to WIN BIG with my SEO strategy, Haha, I was literally telling people that I felt like I was “printing money.”

And within 24 hours of making that statement, there was a Google algorithm change and my sites all took a giant shit.

5 figure income down the drain in an instant. Nice.

There’s a quote that I can’t seem to remember, but basically it states that you are only worth as much as you ARE. If you had the ability for further financial success, you’d already be there.

So learn new skills and work harder to create more value.

But there is a silver lining to that as well.

It means that once you do it once, and reach a certain level of financial success, you should have the skillset to do it again.

And with new knowledge gained through my previous mistakes, I’m coming back full force to create an EMPIRE online.

I’ve been rounding out my CSS/HTML skills. Check out the cool little Topic rollover icons in the sidebar! Yay!

That only took about 36 hours to figure out.

Now I’m on an automation kick, which has resulted in me starting to learn COMPUTER PROGRAMMING FROM SCRATCH.

Damn, I wish I would have went to school for software engineering or something, so many applicable skills.

I think if I were to attend college all over again, I’d double major in Computer Science and Philosophy.

That’s some hardcore shit. You’d probably be a super attractive candidate for any job or professional school.

Another silver lining with the SEO debacle is that wasn’t affected at all, so I’ve had more enthusiasm towards building traffic and optimizing landing pages here.

One Million Pageviews!

This site just hit another milestone over the weekend, reaching 1 million pageviews/hits since it’s creation a mere year and a half ago. So that’s pretty sweet that the traffic continues forward.

I’ve finally crossed the 100k monthly unique visitor level as well.

So what’s with all the automation?

I’m trying to streamline a lot of the mundane tasks I’ve been busy with so I can spend more time on CONTENT CREATION.

What does that mean?

I’m gonna start posting more on here again.

My goal, after Vegas, haha, is to start releasing articles about twice a week again.

I’ve been consistent for the last few months with the once a week posts, but with the intensified travel schedule, shorter more frequent posts are going to fit better with that lifestyle.

So expect new content on a regular basis, and check back often to see my constant ramblings and thoughts.

You might as well subscribe to the email RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss any posts! :)

2012 World Tour

With that, my travel schedule is about to get a little hectic here.

I’m spending a month and a half in Europe, then flying straight to South America for another month and a half.

I’ve also decided to do freetours in every city, so if your city is on the schedule, SIGN UP for some bomb shit!

Expect a lot of raw new concepts on the free tour, which I’ll also try to flesh out on the site here.

Ever wanted to check out the Stockholms, Amsterdams, and Berlins of the world?

Or party in Rio for Carnaval, and summer in Uruguay and Argentina?

I’m lucky enough that my brand is big enough now where I can just kind of pick the cities I want to go to, hence the awesome schedule.

And you should join!!!

I’ll try to get some stories out for ya next week, and hit me up below if you have any specific topics you want me to start hitting, or any other questions about the daily whims of my lifestyle.

I Saw a Bald Eagle. It Was Pretty Cool.

I spent last week in the Northwoods of Wisconsin sitting in a tree stand, staring off into the wilderness with Eckhart Tolle whispering in my ears.

No technology, no internet, just me and Eckhart gazing consciously at trees, rivers, and the animals that inhabit the land near my family’s property.

At one point, I came upon a flock of bald eagles attacking an old deer carcass.  I literally moved within 10 feet before these majestic creatures elegantly glided away towards the horizon.

I can see why the American Fore Fathers chose the bald eagle as their symbolic animal.  The power and awe inspiring gracefulness they demonstrated soaring above hit me with a weird patriotism/pride.

As we near the end of 2011, my recent disposition has been a deep introspection circa 2008 when I was fully immersed in Eastern Philosophy and Existentialism.

Now, coming out of last week separated from technology, introspecting with Tolle and Nathaniel Branden via audiobook, I feel as though I’ve pushed into a significantly new paradigm for how I view reality and my place in it.

What follows are my notes from the week, heavily influenced by the readings of Branden, Rand, and Tolle, and probably a crude fleshing out of some of the new concepts that I’ll try to elucidate over the coming weeks.

What is the Meaning of Human Life?

Animalistic instinct is to survive.

Humans are the only species of animal that have self consciousness, the ability to think in abstraction, lesser animals act on instinct, where as humans act on reason, knowledge, and their life values.

But this higher level of consciousness leads to new questions:

“Who am I?”

“What is my purpose in life?”

“What is my identity?”

“What are my life values?”

With the ability to consciously CHOOSE the best method of survival, there are new problems.

What is the best method for survival?

Why do some people make inimical life choices?

Suicide, depression, inaction, phobias, basic negativity…  These are not choices of a healthy survival.

Detrimental choices to survival are caused by a flipped hierarchal life value system.  Certain values become more important than others, many times not even consciously determined by the person.

Social Conditioning

As a child, your perception of the world broadens through the accumulation of knowledge.

You learn through the examples of how others with more knowledge act, parents and teachers, and also through trial and error, and how people respond to your actions.

You say something, do something, don’t do something, see someone else do something, and your knowledge broadens.

You also unconsciously pick up the life values of others.  Through learning from other people’s actions, which are solely determined by THEIR values, by incorporating those actions, you too are incorporating their values.

The next paradigm is to start thinking for yourself.

At some point, you need to start questioning other people’s reactions, other people’s actions, and the VALUES they live by and act through.

This is the beginning of living autonomously, taking on responsibility, building self confidence, the trust in your abilities to succeed in life, and overall self esteem.

Most people just blindly assume the rhetoric of the masses, the values of their culture or religion, and this process starts to affect all aspects of their own identity.

Because they learned from others, then took on the values of others, they also identify themselves based on how others view them.

If you never make the conscious decision to live by your own standards and values, you’ll take on the values of others, and determine how to live based on their perception of your actions.

Your self appraisal, and ability to determine what constitutes accomplishment or failure is based on other people’s responses to your actions.

How to Build Real Self Confidence

Confidence comes from your ability to autonomously judge your life situation, act through your own knowledge, and take full responsibility to think for yourself.

You don’t always need to make the right decision.  You may accidentally choose to act in a way that is detrimental to your survival.

As long as you acted through your best judgment and total knowledge available, it shouldn’t affect your confidence.

No human is omniscient, and the only way to learn and broaden your knowledge is through trial and error.

Again, based on the premise that if the meaning of your life is to live, then your only indicator of what is right is if it protracts or improves your survival.

With more knowledge, your ability to autonomously survive improves.  If you fail, you gain more knowledge, increasing your ability to analyze a similar situation, expanding your overall perception of reality.

By choosing to think, you become more autonomous, build more confidence in yourself, increasing your self esteem and ability to take on more responsibility.

Most people are afraid to make decisions on their own.  They are afraid of FAILURE because they live by other people’s standards.

Instead of building their own identity through thought and action, theirs is completely defined by how others view them.

Therefore many times they decide instead not to think for themselves, or hide behind inaction due to fears of failure, both a risk to their externally derived self image.

But by choosing not to think, not to act, you are only reinforcing this tractable identity, and placing more importance on other people’s values over your own self esteem.

Your ability to competently live by your own thought and reason is what creates self esteem, choosing not to think lowers it.

The Change in Identity

I used to say my identity was to be a man of action, but let’s go a level deeper.

Ayn Rand and Branden would say it is to be a man of reason, your only choice as a human is to think, or not to think.

By choosing to think autonomously, through your own knowledge, you start to build more confidence in yourself, raising your own self worth.

Thinking and reason being the only things truly under human control, therefore, the more you choose to think, the better your ability to live and survive by your own judgment.

The first process of raising your self esteem is to ALWAYS think.  ALWAYS evaluate.  Never repress the scary, never hide, never let the environment or anyone choose what is right for you.

Take responsibility, which is only accomplished by deciding to think.

Think for yourself, or fall to the prejudices and opinions of others.

Have you ever lied about your successes?

A little white lie, no one will ever find out, right?

YOU know it is a lie.  You can’t delude yourself.

Lying only reinforces that you CARE about other people’s opinion.

It incrementally lowers your self esteem.

So you started a business and it failed.

As long as you tried your best, with the knowledge you had available, who cares what others think?!

Learn from it, and move on.  If it comes up in conversation, say it like it is.

You see a gorgeous woman at the grocery store, go up, and completely screw it up.


Did you act through your best ability in that moment, and learn from it?

Who cares!

Don’t be afraid to tell other people about your massive failures.

Failure increases knowledge, which viewed properly only increases your efficacy in the world.

Why should you hide failure if you know in your own mind that it’s beneficial to your development?

This is the beginning of unapologeticness, being comfortable in your own skin, and building self esteem.

Examples and Ramifications

So lets say you are a single guy and use the example of approaching a woman.

If you lack experience, you only have a small amount of firsthand knowledge to approach with conviction and confidence.

It is inevitable that you are going to ping off of the environment, i.e. the reactions of her and the people around you, to learn how to act properly.

This “pinging” disallows you from true conviction, which comes across as timidity or shyness.

With experience comes knowledge, resulting in more confidence to act through your OWN judgment, which has the byproduct of being HIGHLY attractive.

Only through repetition can you develop the knowledge to proficiently and confidently do anything.

Through regularly experiencing that high stress, quick response environment, conscious decisions become unconscious autopilot responses, allowing you to think from a higher level in the moment.

What if you decide not to approach, how can you mitigate this from happening again?

In the moment, you might have a myopic view of the situation, a lower level of consciousness where you don’t take every aspect of your knowledge into consideration.

This is why, after the fact, many times you get mad at yourself for not doing something.

Retrospectively, with more time, you are able to more accurately evaluate the scenario because you are able to incorporate more of your knowledge.

From this higher level of consciousness, analyze those excuses that stopped you from approaching, and frame the realizations you get in a way that will motivate you to take action next time a similar situation arises.

You don’t need to approach EVERY time there is an opportunity, just like you shouldn’t get involved in every business venture that comes your way.

But realize that if you failed to do something because you were worried about the result, you are incrementally diminishing your personal self worth.

You are feeding into the externally derived identity based on OTHER people’s opinions as opposed to choosing to think and learn for YOURSELF.

Your self esteem is more important than ANYTHING.

Your self esteem equates to your ability to think for yourself.

It is literally moral suicide to evade thought or fall into inaction because of other people’s opinions.

The ONLY way to build self esteem, to build your own judgment of your efficacy in the world, is through knowledge, through taking action, and learning through CONSCIOUS THOUGHT.

Book Review: Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged

I finished reading Atlas Shrugged for the second time while commuting via train between Washington D.C. and New York City this week.

Upon finishing the last page, layers of symbolism floated through my mind.  The current political-economic climate, Occupy Wall Street ridiculousness, just the rare occurrence of me riding on a train in between my first ever corporate seminars for a tobacco company, the list of corollaries to my own life are endless.

I’ll keep this post pertinent to the book and talk about the corporate seminar in another post.

Before I even get into the book, I want to say that Ayn Rand’s teachings have had a HUGE impact on how I view the world and act in it on a daily basis.

Start Reading Fiction

Like so many guys I meet, I rarely read fiction.  This and Rand’s The Fountainhead are probably the only fiction books I’ve read in the last 3-4 years.

Fiction turns many of the self development junkies off because they are used to directly applicable advice, but I personally find Rand’s ability to use fiction as a tool to elucidate her philosophy as effective as any self help book.

There are many reasons why I love this book.

  • Conveying Ideals Through Fiction

First, through the use of fiction, she has the ability to overly amplify character traits to the point of near absurdity.

Characters such as Dagny Taggart, Hank Rearden, and Fransisco D’Anconia are highly unrealistic, but realism is not the desired goal.  They are paragon human beings,and  great examples of how to act and view the world.

Rand writes to the minute detail describing their characteristics, embodying the highly conscious, self actualized ideal persona.

Unreactivity, emotional intelligence, highly productive, well dressed, perfect posture, with the perfect response to any question, as I was reading, I tried to put myself into the headspace of each character, viewing my own foibles and perceptions compared to theirs, and the process changed the way I view and act in many situations.

During some of the discourses, I WISH I could talk the way she writes out each characters rebuttals and monologues.  Always the perfect response with utter precision and diction.

Also, the fictionalization allows her to give an extreme example of how she predicts the world would be through either her desired philosophy or the opposite.

  • Written by a Woman

It’s rare for me to read fiction, but even rarer to read a book written by a woman, and this creates another interesting viewpoint for reading the book.

You can peer into a highly conscious woman’s inner brain and see how she perceives human interactions.  There are all sorts of subtleties in the way she views the intimate relationships that Dagny Taggart runs through, her viewpoint on sex, and what she perceives as an attractive man.

It’s almost hilarious how much attention is paid to explain minute facial expressions and how she explains each characters inner thoughts on reacting to the other.

  • Now is the Time

With the current happenings of Occupy Wall Street spreading around the world, this book really gives you the opposing perspective of EXTREME free market capitalism.

At over 1000 pages, I started this book well before any of the 99%er events began, but about half way through people were starting to tent out on Wall Street, which gave me another opportunity to compare Atlas Shrugged with my own view of the world and the direction our society is heading.

I’ll try to stay away from any sort of political arguments here, other than saying Rand gives a pretty interesting picture of what the world could turn to which relates scarily close to the direction we are heading.  With this book being written when communism was making serious waves, you can tell there are some anti-communist rants through out the book.

  • Read Like a Writer

Lastly, being a writer, the diction and word choice in this book are just fantastic.  With it being such a tome, the phrasing, metaphors, character development, and vocabulary are just incredible imagining how many YEARS it took to write and edit.

Knowing that Rand was born in Eastern Europe, with English not even her first language, it was humbling as I went back and forth to the dictionary every few paragraphs looking up the meaning behind the more challenging words.

This book pushed me to strive for more as a writer, a worker, and most importantly a MAN.

Don’t expect to read it like you typical self development book, realize how through the use of fiction there are examples of IDEALS here to strive towards.

Perfect humans, perfect mindsets, perfect discussions, only able to be conveyed through a fictionalization.

Learn to read into the subtleties of symbolism, and you can get as much if not more out of Atlas Shrugged as any Robbins/Covey/Napoloeon Hill book.

Highly Recommended!!!

Check Your Premise: An End to the Ego vs. Self Esteem Debate

I sat in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park all afternoon under a grey mist of light rain listening to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged via audiobook.

It’s my second time listening/reading it, and I’m taking notes so I can write up a proper book review.

A common theme throughout the book is that of checking your premise.

In the book this relates to how Dagny Taggart improperly perceives Fransisco d’Anconia’s actions. How, if she knew his actual philosophical reasons for destroying his legacy, she wouldn’t view his actions in a negative light.

This concept of “knowing your premise” is also important when interpreting advice given by a guru or mentor, whether it be dating related, or any form of lifestyle development.

What Makes You Qualified?

Whenever I meet someone for the first time the inevitable question is, “What do you do?”

My response of late is that I’m a “motivational speaker,” which is fairly accurate.

The next question is almost always…

“What makes you qualified to teach?”

Haha, what makes anyone qualified to teach in this field?

Years of experience, their own success story, research, learning through teaching, I’m to a point now where I DO have a lot of credibility, but maybe not so much in the beginning.

When I was just starting off, most of the material I taught came through my limited experience and the theories from mentors that impacted me the most. I swear I’ve probably read over 150 “self help” books, sat through all sorts of seminars, and did all the funky exercises.

There was a recurring issue that seemed to come up often, a dissonance between concepts.

One expert says this, one expert says that. This was even more obvious in the nascent field of dating advice.

Say this, say that, do this, don’t do that. How is anyone to know what is the right thing to do?

Ego vs. Self Esteem

Now this is getting a little more esoteric and deep.

How does “getting rid of the ego” relate to value, how does developing extreme self love relate to value, and how can we incorporate both of these in a way where they do not jive?

I’ll start with the “getting rid of the ego” side of the equation first.

There are many definitions of ego, but in applying the “rid the ego” concept, the way I would describe it is to not IDENTIFY with an outcome or someone’s opinion of you.

You do not want to build an ego or identity around external things, or the result of an interaction because you will be emotionally invested in that identity.

To “get rid of the ego,” stop identifying with other people’s opinions, stop giving a fuck what others think of you, and don’t emotionally invest in the outcome.

You can WANT a specific thing to happen, but if it doesn’t, you don’t have an emotional response towards it.

Another way of saying this would be to have an abundance mentality.

How about the other side of the equation, developing a HUGE ego of extreme self love.

The goal with extreme narcissism or extreme self love is to TAKE CONTROL OF THE REIGNS.

On a superficial level, you are identifying with the things in your environment, the results of your life, but the difference is…

You are in control.

The goal is to positively reframe everything in your life as a reason to be awesome, increasing your happy vibes, and overall leading to higher self esteem.

So we started pretty basic there, and got into some pretty heavy topics, but the ultimate take away is that ALL advice can be good advice, and none of it really jives if you go down far enough and check your premise.

There is never a dissonance, if you go deep enough, you can always find a way to assimilate the two.

If you have any other examples that you are still having a hard time with, comment below and myself or some other commenter will try to get them jiving right.

Have a good weekend, and ENJOY!

3 Tips to Make Your Life a Financial Success Story

Saad and I just walked through SoHo on our way to Spring Street Natural Restaurant for some grass fed steaks.

There was a moment of nostalgia as we walked past Mott St and noticed they were organizing some Italian/Mexican block party. We realized that exactly one year ago today we were doing the exact same thing.

Waking up at 6PM, heading for some great food, drinking sangria, smoking cigars, and ramping up for another night out. I LOVE Manhattan in September, it’s my new goal to spend the entire month here each year.

So here I am, satiated from beef and red wine, reflecting on where my life is today compared to one year ago.

The biggest difference between then and now, and even more salient if I look further in my past, is that I’m much more financially secure today compared to a few years ago.

It’s funny. I was listening to Tony Robbins tell his life story about how he used to sleep in his car, and later millions of dollars in debt, and I realized that every self development guru has some personal financial success story.

When I look at my own journey, and how my career has evolved, I realize that I seem to have my own success story in the making, and I’d like to impart to you what I’ve learned through the process.

The Collapse of 2008

Back when I took my first seminar with RSD in the fall of 2007, I charged half of the $2,000 on a credit card.

My sole priority at the time was mastering my dating life, and I spent another $5000 travelling to cities like NYC, LA, and Las Vegas to be around people that knew what they were doing.

I wouldn’t change any of it. At one point RSD asked me to join the instructor crew, which involved traveling to visit every instructor around the world, and learning from them for 2 months.

Visiting some of the most expensive cities in the world, with no income, living off of a credit card, by the end of my training I had racked up about $20,000 in credit card debt, not to mention 7 years of college loans of over $70,000.

I remember a specific moment sitting with Papa in Dublin near the end of my training. He decided to turn on the television to enjoy the first English speaking programs of the trip.

I heard him laughing, “Dude, the stock market totally went down like 10% today. Haha.” Then the same thing happened the next day, and we realized the situation was more precarious than we initially had thought.

That was the big collapse of November 2008. I didn’t think it would have any dramatic impact on my career as an instructor, until January came around and I talked with the sales staff about my upcoming Euro tour.

I literally only had one bootcamp signup, in Zagreb, Croatia.

So I had a decision to make. Fly over to Europe, not knowing if I would have any work, not knowing how to cover my basic living expenses, with nearly $100,000 of loan payments weighing over my head.

I knew that the long term potential of working with RSD was huge, but I couldn’t PAY to be an instructor waiting for things to get better.

But I decided to take the risk and head to Europe, hoping sign ups would follow.

No Namer in a Foreign Land

I flew to Zagreb, a city where RSD has never scheduled a bootcamp before.

Also, due to the economic situation, no longer did I get the Platinum Preferred Hotel accommodations of RSD years past. I had to find myself a hostel, along with every other logistical decision, for my first ever solo bootcamp.

It ended up going great, but with no sign ups the following weekend, I decided to travel to Rome via train to see Pompeii and other Ancient Roman historical things, biding my time waiting for more sign ups.

For the entire Euro tour I never knew where I was going to be 2 weeks out. But I was getting sign ups, and slowly the programs filled up.

I lived a Spartan life, tracking every expense, eating as frugally as possible, and living in 12 bedroom dorms.

I tried to reframe the trip as the glorified backpacking adventure to Europe I never had during college.

And I was slowly able to start paying down my debt as well as enjoy some amazing times in some amazing cities.

Manhattan, NYC 2011

So now I sit here today, reflecting on those “hard times.”

I’ve paid off all the credit cards and most of my student loans. I can afford to eat healthy, and enjoy a drink without feeling guilty, even at the exorbitant Manhattan prices.

I have a thriving online business, completely unrelated to or anything in RSD, which is bringing me a nice 4 figure income per month, doubling in revenue the last 3 months.

Looking at RSD, with another full bootcamp in NYC this weekend, probably 9 of the last 10 also being full, and being booked out literally until next February where I’ll be running bootcamps in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for Carnival…

Things are good!

Take Aways

Just like any other area of self development, I’ve spent a lot of time researching the best mindsets to master EVERY area of my life. The whole lifestyle development.

What follows are three lessons that helped me get to where I am today financially.

  • Psychology is a Huge Factor in Finance

I agree with the debt experts that say pay the smallest bill off first. Even though it is mathematically more efficient to pay off the highest % debt first, once you pay off that first loan or credit card, there is a psychological momentum that builds and you start to get excited to pay things off.

  • Enjoy Living Frugally

I’ve always been envious of my friends that are hugely financially successful, but live very frugal lives.

This ties into the whole “Millionaire Next Door” philosophy, in that usually the people that have the highest net worth are not the dudes buying bottle service and driving Ferraris, but the ones that drive used cars and only shop at sales, saving their money.

Look at your life and see where you could cut costs. Maybe it’s cutting out that Starbucks coffee, or switching from Grey Goose to Smirnoff.

Or get some disposable flasks and sneak them into the bar. If you use that company, put a note that I recommended them on the billing sheet. I’ve tried to become their damn affiliate for months now but they never get back to me! Haha

  • Give 10 Times the Value You Expect to Receive

When I hear people complaining about not having a job, or hating their job, it literally brings me as close to anger as I possibly get these days.

The problem is people are so used to living complacently, punching in, punching out, the 9 to 5 grind.

I live by this quote from the author of Think and Grow Rich:

The man who does more than he is paid for will soon be paid for more than he does.
-Napoleon Hill

In Eben Pagan’s Self Made Wealth course he talks about how you should expect to give 10X the value you expect to receive from your customer. This also applies if you work for someone else’s business.

Do more than expected, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, and people will start to take notice.

If you work as a bartender, start promoting Saturday nights and getting loads of people to your bar. Use social media and grassroots campaigns like flyering/stickering your city to promote random parties at your bar/club.

If you are in the corporate world, come in early and be the last to leave. Ask your boss for more work, take on more responsibility, and be known as the reliable worker who gets shit done.

If you are in school, have FUN! Haha, take courses that you like so you won’t have to work to get A’s.

The college/university conversation is one I’ve had a lot lately, and my advice is to think of your resume as a set of TOOLS. Don’t think specifically about what type of job you want, think about building your toolbox and making yourself an attractive candidate when you are looking for a job.

It’s very rare that I meet anyone these days that went to school for what they are doing as a career.

For those looking for jobs, pick what you want to do, and BURN THE BRIDGES.

It is pretty easy to distinguish someone who is just throwing out 500 resumes to different companies remotely close to what he went to school for compared to a star who really wants the job.

Research and find a job opportunity or company that can help you build that resume toolbox, and figure out what you have to offer the potential company.

Maybe it’s just a strong work ethic, or your ability to learn, but make it KNOWN how important the job opportunity is, and how you will do it better than anyone else.

Then, make yourself indispensible.


If you have any of your own lessons, I know there are some very successful people that read this site, please feel free to comment below.

Well I’m off here shortly for some sushi with Saad and Mike, and then hitting up the Meat Packing District.

Ahhhh shittttt!!!!

Have a good weekend!